The Gift of Caring (For)

The Gift of Caring (For)

Many years ago I gave my friend some mittens for Christmas. I still remember them. I used the same yarn for both mittens, but knit different patterns into each so they were mismatched. They were whimsical and beautiful. My friend loved them. About a month later I got a teary phone call from her. She had thrown them in the washer and dryer. Now, they were felted into unwearable munchkin sized mitts. When given her the mittens, I had forgotten to tell her how to care for them. Lesson learned. Now, whenever I make something for someone else, I always include care instructions. Also, if the item has buttons, I make sure to give them a couple extra and I even give them some extra yarn, in case a repair needs to be made in the future. I’ve never had to use the yarn to make repairs for someone, but I sleep better at night knowing they have it if I need it.

This weekend is my daughter-in-law’s, Raewyn’s, baby shower. Unfortunately, I can’t make it, but my gifts can 🙂 A while ago I shared a Stroller Blanket I was making for the baby. It turned out beautiful. More about THAT after the shower. Anyway, along with the blanket I sent some extra yarn and included a wrapper from one of the skeins of yarn so she knows the content of the yarn and how to care for the blanket.

I began by gathering up the yarn. In the case of this blanket, there were lots of colors 🙂

I often used toilet paper tubes when giving extra yarn with gifts. I cut a few slits in the the end of the tube. 

I cut 3 yards of each yarn. Starting at one end of the tube, I taped down a piece of the yarn and wrapped the yarn around the tube. I then slipped the end through one of the slits on the cardboard tube.

I did that with all the pieces of yarn. Didn’t it wind up looking pretty?

Finally, I took one of the wrappers from the yarn which included the content of the yarn and care instructions, and slipped it in the tube.

Now, after reading the care instructions, Raewyn can tuck away the extra yarn, and if repairs every need to be made (I’ve have some sweet puppies that thought afghans were chew toys) this Gammy will have extra yarns to deal with the situation! 


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