Hairpin Lace Instructions

Hairpin Lace Instructions

I finally finished Part 4 of the hairpin lace tutorial. If you would like to try this technique, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Although there are tons of pics and instructions, I tried to break each individual step down. In a perfect world, I would be able to have everyone over for a cup of tea, cozy up on the couch, and show them how to do this very easy technique in 15 minutes. But, alas, that is just a cyber dream! So, since I can’t do that, I’m hoping the detailed instructions will answer all questions and make the learning process easy.

This tutorial is strictly instruction on how to make hairpin lace. There are no projects listed. If you Google hairpin lace projects you will find many. You will also find different ways of joining the loops, and even ways to make them into circles, instead of strips. You can also use them for making lace. There are so many fun and interesting ways you can use hairpin lace.

The Afghan I’m Making:
The only things I’ve ever made with hairpin lace are afghans. I put 348 loops on each strip, and I’m making mine 30 strips wide. This is going to be a BIG afghan… I’m thinking about 84″ x 60″ without the fringe. But I wanted one that could fit across the laps of everyone sitting on our big leather couch! I find I get 2 strips from skein of 4.5 oz (128g), 268 yds (245 m) worsted with enough left over to make fringe. I am only using 2 colors: sage (S) and a variegated (V) in sage, off white and tan. I’m make the following pattern:


I will share pics and notes when I’m done making mine, but chances are it won’t be in the next few weeks. I seem to drag my feet on those large projects, even though hairpin lace goes fast. I takes about 1 1/2 hours to crochet a strip, and 15 minutes to join 2 together.

I’m thinking how pretty this would be to make for baby dolls, using naturally dyed yarns in soft, muted colors… or for the bottom of Pixie and Fairy’s bed… we are going to be redecorating their room soon… Michelle’s thinking, bright tropical colors… what fun it would be to work with those yarns… but I digress.

So… with a very quiet drum roll, are the 4 parts of the tutorial. Have fun!

Materials Needed:

  • Size I crochet hook for crocheting on loom
  • Size K crochet hook for joining the strips
  • Hairpin Lace Loom

Part 1 – The Loom

Part 2 – Crocheting the Strips

Part 3 – Joining the Strips

Part 4 – Finishing the Project

Although we normally do not share links to other sites on the blog, we mainly reserve that for Facebook, if you know of a cool hairpin lace project out there, feel free to link to it in this comments section!



  1. I saw this shawl a while ago. I am in LOVE with it, seriously, LOVE. It looked crazy to me. Then I was searching for hairpin lace instructions. I’ve watched you work your way through it and I am certain I can tackle this. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m off to get the funky yarn. Thanks guys.


    1. I agree… it is great! Looks like it will be a pretty fast project, too. Make sure you let us know how it turns out. Pics are always lovely 🙂

      1. hi love you info & sharing of all you do Amazing New to hairpin lace I was wondering if you or others maybe able to assist me-my 1st project still incomplete a shawl for my daughter-prior to removing the strips from kit I did the connections of groups- sc group 2 loops sc ch 2, sc in 2 loops with again sc ch 2, sc in 10 loops etc. with the 2 2 10 all around expect at end chain 10 sc in center ch 10 sc then 2 2 10 thought it would help with keeping loops still hesitant I use a life line on all strips now this is a vintage pattern on a staple type hairpin lace I can not figure out how to add the completed grouped strip together let alone what to do with the 10 ch at end sc 10 again-I am not use you understand but I think I need a video to fully understand what to do so if you or anyone may help me with connecting this strips for a shawl I would be very grateful continued success with all you do may I add please keep sharing-amazing how talented you are and other who have shared their projects on here peace out to all kim

        1. I am afraid that I can't help you. I use hairpin lace but I haven't tried many of the beautiful patterns for joining the strips to create different looks. Also, we do use use videos on the site. We will certainly leave your comment up and hope that one of our readers can be helpful. Also, there are videos on Have you tried looking there to see if there are any videos and the joining technique you are using? Good luck to you!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for probably the best, most detailed tutorial I’ve ever come across. Sometimes I feel so stupid when I read instructions. I’m always confused. How did they do that? What does THAT mean? I have never made hairpin lace but I went out last night and bought a loom. I just finished 1 whole strip. I went step by step, and was NEVER confused. Everybody is getting something made out of hairpin lace next year. I came here from Ravelry. I was shocked to find you this really isn’t a crocheting or knitting blog. You have so many talents. And all the children’s things you make are lovely beyond compare. I will sing your praises to all my friends. And all this goodness for free. You really are something. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. To be very honest I felt rather silly taking so many pictures, but I couldn’t figure out which pictures not to include and still make it clear, so, there are a ton 🙂 Despite all the pics, tho, it really is easy, isn’t it?

      1. I just discovered your website and saved it in like 10 seconds from logging on to it. What a wonderful, fantastic place!! Just a comment about the hairpin lace pictures. The amount of pictures is fabulous. The more pics the better. I bought a custom handmade loom from Jenkins Woodworking to use for hairpin lace and have never used it. My projects have never seemed to give me a break to do it and I’ve had so many questions about hairpin lace. Your tutorial is just beautiful! I will pull that awesome loom out and start a project as soon as this last baby blanket project it done. You have inspired me. What a blessing. God bless you for using your talents AND then having the generosity to share them. You are a special person. 🙂

  3. I just want to say :

    ” Thank You ” … Soooooooooo Muuuuuuuuch … I Love It .

    It looks easy and I will make a Loom and … start one !

    Thanks A lot for your perfect description .


  4. Hello, I am very new to blogging, and I found your web site accidently, and I’m glad I did–your gnome home for Spring and Summer is what caught my eye, first. They are adorable! Then, I saw “Hairpin Lace Afghan” and I had to read up on it. The reason is that many years ago, my Mom-in-law gave me a loom and said that it’s easy to use and makes beautiful afghans, but then never told me how to do it! So, it went into a box and hasn’t seen the light of day–until now, that is…lol. I see what she was talking about and just wanted to say thank you for the tutorial. Now, I can make some afghans for next winter. I’m in PA now, but hope to be back in Montana next year (which is where our daughter lives). Even if we stay in PA, the winters are very cold. Thank you again! Dawn

  5. Hello Kimara!
    Thanks for those tutorials on hairpin lace you posted. I have saved those to share with the online tatting class. We have studied several times hairpin lace and combined it with tatted lace. There is even a butterfly made from hairpin lace (design by Hope Green; tatted by Sandy Cofer) on the crazy quilt made as a scholarship fundraiser for the Palmetto Tat Days 2010. You can see the full quilt here:
    and a close up of Sandy’s block with the hairpin butterfly in the center here:
    I think that hp lace is fascinating whether done in yarn or fine thread.

    1. Thanks Georgia for sharing the links. I am so impressed by tatting. For years I’ve been talking about learning to paint with water colors and tat. I’ve yet to do either. I followed your link back to your site. An online class may be just the thing I need to get motivated!

  6. I made once an attempt at it, all by myself… I had so many questions here answered. And yes, CLEARLY answered. I’m not very good in english, but you make yourself so clear thanks to the pictures to. THANKS

  7. I first started hairpin lace as a teenager(I won’t say how long ago that was)and made many pieces;baby blankets shawls,etc.I was discussing it with a colleague at work when we decided to go online on a slow work day.Your web site was perfect. Now several people at work can’t wait to start their own projects. Thanks!

  8. I just discovered Hairpin Lace, and your very easy to follow instructions. I asked my husband to construct a hairpin lace loom for me and he headed right out and made it. I have already started and with your instructions I am surprised how easy it really is. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Does the size of the loom have to match the size of the Hook.
    My pattern calls for tatting thread, and the hook size of 13 “very Small”. Does the loom have sides have to be the same size as the hook.

    1. No. You can use the loom for fine thread or thick yarn. I’ve done both on the loom and it works fine. I would imagine that you would want your sides closer together using tatting thread and a very small crochet hook, but it probably tells you that in the directions. Have fun!

  10. I learned to make the Hairpin lace afghan, but want to learn how to complete the ends. I can complete the sides but not the ends. I’ve been just putting fringe or tassels on the ends, but want to know how to put one of the strips on an make it neat. The link you have to finish the project doesn’t work so I need your help.


    1. Thanks a lot, I got the link to work and the instructions were very clear. This is a lot of help.


  11. The hairpin lace tutorial is the best I have ever seen. I am part of a group that has several elderly ladies, with no computer access, or knowledge. Is there somewhere, that they can buy, this in a book? Preferably from you. I don’t violate copyright stuff, and besides, I don’t really want to start printing stuff for people.

  12. Ok, so I’ve *just* started trying hairpin lace and I get how to do it. Of course, before I invest in a better loom or what not, I just got the cheapo version at Joanne’s. However…..the pattern I have calls for 240 loops on EACH side….I have 160 on there now and I think I can squeeze 20-40 more on….but what I was wondering, will it still work if I pulled off 100 rows (leaving yarn guides in) and put the bottom clamp back and let those 100 rows dangle while I finish the rest??

    1. That wouldn’t be a good idea. With all the turning of the loom it would quickly get tangled. Unless you are working with thick yarn, you should be able th squeeze all those stitches on there. I made an afghan with over 300 loops on each side. Just be careful when you take an end off because it will shoot off your loom like a spring 🙂

    2. Yes, it will work to take some of the loops off and keep working. However, I always run a scrap yarn thread through the loops to assure they don’t twist on me.

    3. Absolutely! That’s how I do it, but you have to be especially careful that it isn’t twisted when you weave the strips together 🙂

  13. I have did hairpin lace adult afghan years ago with my mother, but I wanted to make a baby afghan now. How many loops do you suggest to make an baby afghan about 42 inch long. Thanks in advance for you answer.

  14. I did hairpin lace adult afghan years ago with my mother, but I wanted to make a baby afghan now. How many loops do you suggest to make an baby afghan about 42 inch long. Thanks in advance for you answer.

  15. Hi Kimara
    First of all, I hope you’re well and I wish you a wonderful day
    I’d like to express my gratitude to you for the Hairpin Lace Instructions, It’s really wonderful
    Your web is very inspirational to me

    Thanks for sharing
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks so much, Salma. We love sharing our designs with others 🙂

  16. My grandmother found her hairpin lace loom this afternoon while we were searching for fabric to sew up (costume for school) and I found your handy dandy little site and it made things so simple 😀

    I love the reactions I get from my friends who crochet, because im the only guy they know who does (and the only teen guy on top of that), and this is just going to get even more awe from them haha

    Love the tutorial, cant wait to see your finished product 🙂 (Im actually following in your steps to make my friend a blue version for Christmas)

    1. Hope you have fun making this. If you have the means, we'd love to see a photo of the finished project!

  17. 348 on EACH side of the loom, or 348 total?

    1. That is the number of loops on EACH side of the loom. Remember, you can make it smaller, this made a very big afghan!  

  18. I’ve made several hairpin lace afghans over the years and given them as gifts. Now, I realize that I have no instructions on how to launder them. Any hints?

    1. Because of wool allergies in our family, I usually make them out of wool ease or acrylic. I just through mine into the washing machine and dryer and there has never been a problem. They come out nice and fluffy, with no distortion. If yours are wool, I highly suggest you have them dry cleaned or use one of the gentle wool washes. Follow the directions on the bottles. Hope that helps 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for these clear directions on how to start and end off hairpin lace strips!  I have been very frustrated finding decent written directions, and watching on a Youtube is helpful but goes too fast.  This is JUST RIGHT !  Again, super thanks!

  20. I also would like to Thank You for posting all the instructions of the hairpin lace. I am wondering if you would not mind adding to your instructions if you have the knowledge of it.
    I would like to make an afghan in a king size but I do not know how many loops to use and how many strips would be needed for this type of project.
    I think it would be helpful if you could post from a baby afghan to a king size bed on loops and strips.
    I just love the hairpin lace and have found very few patterns on it. It is a shame as to me it looks so dainty when you have a finished project. Thanks in advance for your help.

  21. Kimara

    I am so sorry but I have never made something that big, although I agree it would be lacy and beautiful! My suggestion is the experiment. Make a “best guess” and make a couple of the strips, loop them together, and check out length. You can always add more or take some off each row if it’s not right. Once you get a length, decide on a pattern and get started. You can always add extra strips to either side if you wind up needing more. Sorry I don’t have more info, but I will ask for your help. If you do make one for a king-size bed, please take notes and share them with us here.

    Good luck!


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