Felt Easter Eggs

EDIT: I thought I was going to dodge the creepy crude that’s been working its way through Michelle’s house the past two weeks, But, alas, I finally caught the bug! I was working on a project but for the past 24 hours sleep seemed like a better idea. So, I thought I’d share our felt eggs… again. This is a great early learning project. Fast and easy, and they are lovely without the embroidery or paint. Make a dozen decorated for Easter, and a dozen for the play kitchen. K… that’s all the energy I have… going to go wrestle the dogs for the couch 🙂  

This is the last egg project of the week. If you’re not into making eggs out of roving, then try some of these Traditional Felt Eggs. VERY easy to make. Copy the pattern then you simply take 2 egg pieces, blanket stitch them together, leave an opening at the bottom, stuff and finish blanket stitching them closed. You can leave them plain or add embroidery or fabric paint to decorate. I did a combination. Although you can paint or embroider the eggs before you stitch them together, if you want a uniform pattern around the egg, wait until after it has been stuffed. The pattern includes 2 different sized eggs. The smaller eggs will fit in a standard egg carton. Perfect size if you’d like to make a dozen white or brown eggs for the play kitchen! There are no additional directions since it is very straightforward, but the pattern is available in the FREE Open Pattern section. Enjoy!

FYI… If you can’t tell from the photo you are either being very kind or I did a remarkable job of camouflaging… I really am puff paint challenged! I always felt like my embroidery flowed like paint… thank goodness I was wrong! I was all thumbs as I tried to transfer my mental image to the eggs. So… there are smudges here and blobs there. Alas, not perfect, but the colors are still lovely, right? And if you squint your eyes just a wee bit, you can hardly notice the imperfections. Ah, we all need to be humbled occasionally!



  1. These look easy enough that I think I can do them. But I don’t have your selection of colors. You must have an incredible stash! And you are far too hard on yourself. What you think is messy I would strive for. Hehe.

    1. Thanks! And I must say I have been working at my stash for quite a while now. And although it looks impressive, there are many times when I feel like I’m missing the right color! Have fun with the eggs. Super, super simple. Always a bonus!

    2. oh I love those I have put your link on my blog so many will visit you I hope thank you for sharing

      1. Thanks Donna,
        They are so easy to make, too. I’m going to recycle the project next week after our contest is over. I need to make some more because I gave most of them away!

  2. After seeing this very cute tutorial, I say easter crafting is officially open! Thank you Kimara!

  3. We have egg allergies in the house so we never eat eggs. Every year I dye eggs to have the Easter look. I always feel guilty throwing them out after the holiday. Your eggs are a wonderful substitue. I’m going to make a dozen and let my children paint them. And I think the blobs and globs just add to the charm. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    1. Same in our household. We’ve done the same thing so we can color eggs but I think the kids would just as happy decorating these. My oldest has started embroidering and I think she’d really enjoy this and the younger ones can paint them.

  4. Here from the Crafty Crow. I love these. I’m going to make some soon 🙂 It definitely beats the plastic egg look 🙂 Thanks!

  5. These eggs are so beautiful. We are trying to get rid of all the plastic children’s toys. All the food in our kitchen has been plastic, and I’m slowly making felt food and buying wood food. We still have those yucky plastic Easter eggs you can stuff with treats. This afternoon my mom is coming over, and I told her I have a project for her to help me with. My tongiht I plan to have a dozen natural eggs. Thank you so much for everything you share. You are certainly helping my family become more natural.

  6. These look so easy even I can do it! Besides that it gives me an excuse to buy some wool felt. Beautiful.

  7. I’ve made a ton of these now. I give them as gifts to anyone with little people in their house. I get the cardboard egg cartons that hold half dozen. I them make eggs in beige and light browns. It is super fast, an hour makes six, and always a well received gift. It’s become my go-to gift for little kids.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful gift. I love the way they look in the egg cartons, too 🙂 I need to get some of the half dozen cartons. They would fit better in little kitchens.

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