Heifer Project Site Problems

Heifer Project Site Problems

If you have been following our progress on Wee Folk Art Team Heifer, you will notice that a few days ago our contributions dropped down to $145.00! We contacted Heifer via email and they said that there records reflect only $145.00 was donated! I donated another $10.00 myself last night to test the system and the site still only reflects $145.00.

I contacted Heifer today by phone, and I need to wait until Monday before I can talk to someone in the main office. It is rather demoralizing not to have our reader’s contributions reflected on the site HOWEVER this IS about supporting a wonderful cause, not stroking our vanity 🙂

Please, continue to give to Heifer through Team Wee Folk Art. Whether we ever know exactly how much money our readers donated, I love that fact that we are all working together to make a difference in the lives of so many. Thanks for your efforts and we will keep you posted on developments as soon as we hear something 🙂


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