A Belated St. Patrick’s Day Photo

A Belated St. Patrick’s Day Photo


EDIT: Thanks to one and all for your suggestions. Now Mommy and Daddy are now armed with lots of ideas. The Little Lady will definitely be appreciative 🙂
Look what I just received… the Little Lady sitting up in her St. Patty’s garb. The green certainly brings out the red tones in her checks and hair 🙂 Her first baby teeth have just breaking through the gums on the bottom. Hang in there little one! So, do tell… what is your favorite remedy for teething? Her Mommy and Daddy would love some tried and true suggestions!




  1. Those little homeopathic pills, for teething, are MAGIC!!

  2. My little guys really seemed to like chunks of frozen bananas in those little mesh teething bags. Beware – they do make quite the mess! They also liked pizza crusts in those bags as well. Another favorite was a frozen washcloth. Wet a baby washcloth, wring it out, and stick it in a bag in the freezer.

    Good luck!

  3. for my little one I made teething biscuits with whole wheat flour, molasses, and some other ingredients. Been a while (my youngest is now 2 1/2) so I don’t remember everything other than the kids LOVED them, I didn’t feel guilty giving them since they were natural and relatively healthy. They can be a bit messy but the relief they brought was well worth it!

  4. we loved our teething necklace (amber) and Hyland’s teething tablets–they worked wonders, and we still pull them out from time to time!

  5. She’s adorable! It seems like just yesterday you were sharing her newborn photos.

    The thing that helps our son with teething the most is an icecube in a mesh feeder bag. It keeps him interested and it’s obviously really cold, but doesn’t seem too cold to tolerate.

    I’d stay away from the Hyland’s teething tablets because they were reacalled for having too much Belladonna a.k.a. deadly nightshade! Not many people seem to know that’s an ingredient and my doctor (and husband) were adamant we don’t try them.

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  6. We use an amber necklace, echinacea tincture (non-alcoholic, of course – just a drop on the gums), dolls with knotted hands moistened and frozen, wool teething rings (also moistened and frozen), wooden teether, constant nursing, lots of hugs and dancing.

    Best of luck to the tired parents – I totally empathize!

    Oh! And if she’s nursing, have mom drink chamomile tea – it’s great for mom and baby.

  7. I’ll add to the general ‘amber necklace’ chorus. My wee ten-month old gets on great with hers. I also use a homopathic powder called ‘teetha’ (I’m UK-based). Generically, it’s called ‘chamomilla’ (sp?). I use that at night when she can’t wear the necklace.

    Also – frozen bagels!

    Best wishes


  8. We put the amber necklace on at 5 MN and he still has it on at 21 months – don’t even take it off at night.

  9. tried and true herre at our home forr our 3 ig boys and our lilest one just 4 months and his first little goy broken through and we are waiting for the second to coe through any moment, Hylands teething tablets, humphreys makes some too. Chamomilla homeopathics work as well when I run out of the tablets. I do them in conjuntion with belladonna for rest. As to the advice on not using Hylands because of the belladonna I have to disagree. You cannot od on a homeo. That is not how they are created. Personally I find that it’s an ignorance of homeopathics that leads people to disuade others. It’s perfecty haress. I did speak to our ND about it and she expressed the same opinion I had. In the end it will be their choice, but we swear by them and they are working beautifully for our lil guy right now. They only need to give 2 at a time. I dose before bedtime and anyother time he sees out of sorts or overly tired. Good luck!n

    1. Thanks for sharing, Gae. Your celebration looks like so much fun. Your gnome hill was brilliant 🙂

  10. How cute! What a little doll!
    As for the teething, we use an amber necklace. It’s been fabulous! Sadly, you can no longer buy Hylands’ teething tablets anymore (which is what we used for our daughter), but the necklace has done wonders for our son (and us! Ha!)

  11. My midwife says that celery has an enzyme that eases teething pain. Just give her a clean, cold stalk of celery to mouth.

  12. For teething my big child we used to give her a whole carrot, cleaned up trouhgly, put it for a while in the fridge….

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