A Peek at Pippin

A Peek at Pippin

After due consideration, I decided to make a bunny doorstop for several reasons; it got the most votes, it is seasonal, it is both a barnyard and woodland creature, and finally, and probably most importantly, Pixie wanted a bunny 🙂

Due to widespread family illness, I actually had a Sunday with nothing planned. So I was able to get right to work designing the bunny, and actually had time to make him. What I didn’t have time to do was crop photos and write up the tutorial. But since I am so enamored with the new little guy… btw… his name is Pippin… I thought I’d give you a sneak peek. He is rather shy, so I was very grateful that he allowed me to take so many photos of him!

Watch for the pattern and tutorial to be up sometime over the next couple of days 🙂




  1. Ooooo! I’m so excited I can’t wait! He looks like such a cutie, I’ll have to make sure I make him. I only have eco-felt, and mostly in vivid colours, but I’m sure my kids would still like him. Looking forward to the tutorial 🙂


  2. Super cute! I don’t know if I need a doorstop in my new house, but I suspect I may need a Pippin.

  3. Kimara & Michelle –

    thank you for the bunny-stop tutorial. i ordered wool felt for the first time from wool felt central and it came promptly yesterday! i was so excited, i cut out all the pattern pieces (using your cutting tutorial) and put him together (my son was unusually cooperative today).

    the bunny is a hit! in fact, my son is so in love with him, i can not get bunny back! will try to get some pics and blog about it in the near future.

    again, thank you for the time you put in for the awesome tutorial. i think i must try the owl next as they will be popular toys in this house!

    🙂 kim

    1. So happy it all worked out… and we would LOVE to see pics. I know, Julie, at Wool Felt Central is super fast!

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