I Need a Pocket!

I Need a Pocket!

When I was a little girl, I learned a nursery rhyme is school called "Lucy Locket".

Lucy Locket, lost her pocket,
What a silly thing to do.
If you’re not careful, Lucy,
Next you’ll lose your shoe!

As a young child I found this so absurd. How in the world could one lose a pocket? They were a part of your clothing! How can one lose the pocket in their jeans, I ask you?

Then, many years later, while I was sitting in some humanities class in college, lo and behold, I learned that in times past, a pocket was really just a little purse, used for carrying small items. Live and learn. The nursery rhyme finally made sense to me.

There’s a point to this blog other than feeling the need to educate the masses! Our household has given up our telephone landline, and we’re only using our cell phones. That’s great but I have this nasty habit of setting my phone down and not remembering where I left it. For the past couple of years the only time I used my landline was to call and locate my cell phone! Now, with the landline gone, I’ll no longer have that ability. Tim wears his cell on a clip on his belt, but I seldom wear a belt. And there are many times I don’t have a pocket. (Okay, here comes the tie in to the nursery rhyme!) I need a pocket…an old fashioned pocket…to keep my cell in so it is with me all the time. I want to design my very own pocket! (I know there are cell phone holders out there already, but I think it is much more romantic to make a pocket!)

I jumped online this morning to make sure I had all the words to the poem, Lucy Locket. I never did find the version we were taught, but it seems that this is the original and accepted version:

Lucy Locket, lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it.

So, I now have an idea kicking around in my head. I want to design a “pocket” and it must have a “ribbon round it”. When I get it made, I’ll be sure to share it. Watch for it!



  1. I was thankful for your blog as I am trying to locate an embroidery transfer with Lucy Locket on it. I have a new baby granddaughter and her name is Lucy and I want to make a framed version of the nursery rhyme either in cross stitch or embroidery. Your illustration gave me a good starting point but I need to get some embroidery transfer paper and pens to draw my own design so that I can transfer it to the aida fabric. Does anyone know where I can locate these materials???? Any help or advice gratefully received. A very excited grandmother……

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