Meet Horace

Meet Horace

Edit: Directions for our Doorstop Puppy can be found HERE.

Yesterday I turned my doggy doodle into our Puppy Dog Doorstop. Meet Horace. And despite common misconceptions, cats and dogs can exist harmoniously! Horace and Jasper have become fast friends and can be found skulking about, looking for mischief and mayhem. That’s fine for now. Blanketed under mounds of snow, all doors and windows are sealed tight keeping the frigid, gusty winds at bay. But come spring, when the doors and windows are flung open, each will take a sentry’s position at a door, thwarting the startling slamming of doors from westerly winds.

I have yet to write up the instructions…the least enjoyable process of designing…but I’ll have him good to go by Monday. So, if you’re interested in making this little cutey, come back then for the directions.


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  1. I haven’t seen Horace completed IRL yet. Very cute.

    Is it just me or does it look like Horace just got blamed for something Jasper did? Something about those big puppy eyes… looks like he is saying "who me?" 😉

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