I’m Just Sayin’…

I’m Just Sayin’…

Just a couple three things I wanted to mention this morning before I got sucked into the weekend! First, even if you’re making most of your own gifts this holiday season… kudos to you BTW… if you’re in need of a few purchased items, visit the shops in our Support Homemade Holidays. These are Wee Folk Art readers, just like yourself, that are running small, home-based shops. Yay for home-based businesses! We want to support their efforts. And, there is still plenty of time to get your shop listed. The more the merrier!

Next, there is a FAQ/contact update. I finally got out and got our PO Box. If there is a need to get in touch with us through snail mail, our address is:

PO Box 5033    Brighton, MI   48116

I’ve never had a PO Box before. Makes Wee Folk Art seem so official and grown-up 🙂

Finally, Michelle and I were having this conversation about post holiday come downs… more about that later… and we had this scathingly brilliant idea, which includes another Holiday Giveaway… a super fun and easy Gift Box you can make for gift giving AND an opportunity to be Queen for the Day on Wee Folk Art. Intrigued? We hope so. We’ll talk more about it later in the week.

Okay… think I covered everything I wanted to mention. Have a lovely weekend!



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