Fairy In the Tree

Fairy In the Tree

We’ve gotten a few inquiries about the little Fairy sitting in a tree in the Felt Forest. In answer to every one’s questions, no, we do not have a pattern for the fairy. He was made using the directions for pipe cleaner fairies in Salley Mavor’s incredible book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects. Making the fairies is not hard but there are many steps. She has detailed directions on how to make them, in various sizes, and with many different outfits. Plus, she has lots of other goodies to share. I highly recommend her book. I could not do a better job than her… so I won’t try 🙂

(Update by Michelle) BTW: If you are looking for a kit… I have seen that the Klutz Series has one out… Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself. Might be a good gift idea for crafty little girls… or the slightly older gals too ;).




  1. That tree top fairy is soooo adorable! I love it! I’m about to make some peg doll fairies too! Wee folk art inspires me always!

  2. It’s my first time here and I’ve really enjoyed my visit! you have a wonderful blog. I love all the cute little projects. The star ornament is so pretty.

  3. I just ordered this book last week on Amazon. I cannot wait to get this. If only there were more hours in the day…..

  4. Thanks for the info on the Fairy! I’ll be ordering that book soon…I know the perfect person to give it to. AND, I agree with Michelle about the Klutz kit. I bought it a few years back for my daughter, who too happens to be named Michelle, and she loved it! It’s a great B-day of holiday gift. 🙂

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