Introducing The Little Lady

Introducing The Little Lady

I can finally introduce the world to The Little Lady. She was born Monday, October 4. They got home from the hospital on Wednesday, and on Friday Tim and I drove to Wisconsin. I walked in the door and saw “my baby” holding “his baby”. He was wearing a gloating smile that was reminiscent of when he was just a little boy and proudly said, “Look what I made, Mom!” After a few tears of joy, I scooped up Meghan and Drew’s baby and had to admit, they did a great job!

What a magical time to share with your child… the birth of their own child. I felt so blessed to be able to spend this time with all of them. We discussed burping and bathing, breast feeding and airing out the buns! It was extremely hard to leave yesterday morning, but I know that the Little Lady is in very loving AND competent hands. Here are just a few of the plethora of photos I took of Drew, Meghan and the Little Lady. Trust me, you’ll be seeing many of her, uh, I mean them 🙂  Blessings to their beautiful family! 





  1. What a wonderful blessing from above! Cogratulations to your clan. Little Lady is such a beautiful baby. 🙂

    1. so beautiful!! congrats to the family!

  2. She is just beautiful! Congrats! Being a grandma, in my book, rates Number One. You have wonderful experiences to look forward to.

  3. what a beauty! God Bless you all!

  4. Such a beautyful little person. COngratulations. Oh, and I recognized the fairy tale afghan 🙂

  5. What a beautiful little girl!

  6. Wow, she is lovely! Congratulations!
    And thank you for visisting my blog :o)

  7. oh congratulations to you all!!! she is gorgeous. thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures. 😉

  8. How wonderful for you all to have a precious new life to hold and dote on, as I’m sure you will! She is beautiful. Best wishes to the new little family.

  9. How fantastic and what a gorgeous little baby – oohhhh I must look away, that sweetie is just too cute!

  10. Beautiful baby and beautiful family! You have got to be so proud!! A new baby girl. What a tremendous blessing!

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