Organic T-Shirt Giveaway from Jupiter’s Child

Organic T-Shirt Giveaway from Jupiter’s Child

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. The winner can be found HERE.

Several weeks ago, when I was wandering the aisles of Etsy, I stumbled upon a new shop that I feel in love with. It was Jupiter's Child. On Facebook, I shared a beautiful Waldorf Inspired Wooden tree. I thought it would look incredible on a nature table.

Anyway, one thing led to another, as it often does on the Internet, and before I knew it, Beth agreed to sponsor a giveaway on Wee Folk Art. THANK YOU, Beth! We decided to giveaway something totally different than anything we've done before on WFA. The giveaway is for this totally awesome, totally funky, organic youth t-shirt. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this design… and, of course, who doesn't love an incredibly soft, organic, tee? Here is the description from the site:

This is an organic tee-shirt, hand dyed and hand-screenprinted with a peace chicken design.

I started drawing the chicken design for this t-shirt, and somehow a peace sign appeared where the wing should be. And then I though, well, chickens are peaceful creatures, aren't they? The strut around minding their own business and making quiet little noises.

This t-shirt is hand-dyed a lovely grey-blue color using water-based procion dyes and our special scrunch technique which gives a nice marbled effect to the fabric.

Then we hand-screen-printed the chicken design on the front in black using water-based ink.

Rabbit Skins organic cotton tee.
Youth sizes small (ages 7-8), medium (ages 9-10), and extra-large (ages 13-14). Sorry, we are temporarily sold out of size large. Sizes are approximate; when in doubt, order a size larger than the child's age. 

She also carries baby onesies, for the smallest person in your life. You can choose from a lavender, green or blue print, in sizes 12 or 18 months. Here is the description from her site:

This is an organic cotton baby onesie with our original "Peace Chicken" design, hand screenprinted by us.

(Peace) Chicken (design) on a natural-colored onesie.

We start with a super soft Rabbit Skins onesie, 100% certified organic. Then we screenprint our designs using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

Your little one will love it! 


So, obviously, we ALL want one of these, t-shirts, right? Michelle asked if she could enter this giveaway. Sorry, Michelle, we are just going to have to buy ours for the wee ones. But YOU have an opportunity to win one, and pick the size you would like. To enter, simply visit Jupiter's Child. Look around. Take in the sights. Then come back here and tell Beth how great her shop is, and let us know who you would give the t-shirt to if you won. Also, include the size (and the color if you pick a onesie) you would like.

The giveaway runs from today, through Monday, July 5, at 9:00 pm EST, when a winner's name will be drawn. The winner will have 1 week to contact us with their snail mail address or a new winner will be selected. So, readers, meet Beth at Jupiter's Child… Beth, meet our readers. Hopefully, you'll all become good friends.

Thanks, Beth, and good luck to one and all 🙂



  1. I love her wooden animals but that chicken shirt really is my favorite out of all of them!!!! We just started raising our own chickens so we are big fans of all things chickens! My daughter even goes out in the coop to read to them!! I would get the shirt for her in a youth small… that way when she out grows it it would still fit her little sister!! 🙂

  2. This is going to show how selfish a person I am, but if I won, I’d keep the XL for myself. (Bout the only advantage of being pathetically flat chested!) I’m a sophmore at Ohio State, and I’d love to have it. Thank you Beth. A really beautiful site. I’ve bookmarked it.

  3. I love the wooden tree. I know I’m probably jumping the gun a bit, but I would love it for a nature table. My little one is just 4 months old, but I’m collecting already! Although I would love the onesie for my son, I think I would get the youth small for my nephew. Since they hand stuff down, I’d eventually get it!

  4. what a waaaaw t-shirt is that! soft but very powerful, we like it…

    oops : the 'we' is my son & i, he's eleven.
    the size we would like : XL

  5. Beth, you have such lovely things… I love the wooden animals! I’d be delighted if we won, and give a size Med, to my oldest . I think he’d really get a kick out of it !

  6. We really like the dyed cotton cloths for the girls’ open play time and the beeswax finishing stuff for wood (I’m trying to get my dad to teach me some of his mad wood-working skills). And the t-shirt of course! I’d like the shirt for my youngest, Eleni, who turns one on Friday. She’s wearing something b/w 18 months and 2T as she grows.

  7. I love the stuff in your shop, Beth! That tree is just something else, but I do like the tshirt fish design especially well too :-). Great stuff!

  8. I have now made her shop one of my favorites! What a unique selection of items. The VW shirts stood out for me. Why? It represents freedom and peace! What I am trying to get in my life and my 5 children’s life after many years of not having it. I will be saving my pennies for that shirt for myself! The Peace chicken shirt I would give to my 6.5 year old. She is my all things living, peace keeping, flower child and that shirt would fit her to a T (no pun intended).

  9. Adorable!! I love the peace chicken (the ardvaark is pretty cute,too!) I would give this to my daughter who is loving chickens in a big way right now. Blue is her fav color right now, and in a XS would be great, but if only S is available, that’s OK, too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Oh my! the VW Bug shirt! That is going on my wishlist ASAP! My daughter would love the chicken shirt in a small. She would love to wear it to her 4H meetings!

  11. the jumpropes are beautiful! my son would love this shirt! youth small 

  12. Beth, I love all of your items. The volkswagon shirt makes me happy (all those memories of the 60s!) What I really love is your about me statement “3 multi-talented, earth loving women”. Wish there were more like you in this world. My daughter would love the peace chicken shirt in an XL. She is in college (sometimes it pays to be petite in the bust) and I think this is the type of statement she would love to make.

  13. Very Cool Shirts! My 7 year old daughter loves the peace chicken! She loves anything with a peace sign because she loves her daddy and peace means he gets to be home instead of off to war. In case she wins, she wears a size S. Thank you for the chance and the heads up about another amazing etsy store!

  14. My 7 year old daughter would love the peace chicken in youth sizes small. She loves all things that peace keeping, flowers, animalsu2026. She would love to have this beautiful unique design.

  15. I love the stuff on your etsy site! The little wooden toys are great. I am trying to make similar ones myself, but they don’t look nearly as good.

    My little boy would love the Peace Chicken. He is really into animals (especially barnyard animals) right now. His size is 2T and would look great in the blue with black print.


  16. There’s an armadillo shirt! *squee!*

    I’d get a shirt in a small so that my two youngest boys could both wear it (and quite possibly my oldest, too!). Such a lovely, lovely shop. When it’s time for solstice shopping, I know where I’m headed!

  17. Very cute! I’d love to win one of these for my infant daughter – a blue onesie in size 12 months.

  18. Oh, that volkswagon bug reminds me so much of the car my mom drove when I was a kid, right down to the decals! I would love the shirt for our little boy, size small. He loves chickens, and plays with ours out in the yard most days!

  19. I found Jupiter’s Child when looking for natural egg dye. What a wonderful shop! My 7-yo fell in love with the Peace Chicken back in March and would be thrilled with a medium sized tshirt.

  20. Those are lovely wooden pieces- thank you for a wonderful giveaway! If we won I would give my daughter the small sized shirt.

  21. we just got chickens (17 of them) for the first time and my nearly 6 year-old is in love with them, especially his favorite, “Petey” the hen! i would give this t-shirt to him if i won. Thanks for your generosity!

  22. I also adore the wooden animals, and I would get the medium for my youngest daughter who helps me feed the neighbors chickens when they are out of town.

  23. Thanks Beth your shop is beautiful! I love the animals and the wooden tree the best. If i won, I would give the tee (XL)to my stepson who is doing it a bit tough and could do with a little peace chicken.

  24. I love the variety she has at her store. The wooden animals are adorable! I would give a small 7/8 to my 6 yr old! He loves handmade T’s.


  25. What a wonderful shop! We adore chickens (in the backyard and everywhere). Both my children consider themselves “chicken farmers”. I would give the shirt (youth small) to my sweet son. And then probably have to buy one for his sister. 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. I adore this shirt! Would LOVE to give it to my grandson, Hudson, who wears a size 4T. Added Jupiter’s Child to my bookmarked favorite websites — its awesome! And so, of course, is Wee Folk Art!

  27. I love the handmade wooden animals. So great!

    I’d get a child size 2 chicken shirt for my little one.

  28. Wow, I just looked at Beth’s shop, there wasn’t anything that I DIDN’T adore! ^_^ The little wooden animals are adorable, the colored jump ropes are beautiful, and of course, the chicken shirt is so fun! My son would love a tshirt in size small. Thanks for introducing us!

  29. I love the jumpropes. My daughter is just learning and one of those will be perfect when she’s ready. If I win the t-shirt I would get a medium for my daughter. I know she would love the color.

  30. Very cool t-shirt! I’d get one for my 22month old who will think wearing a chicken is a great idea!

  31. What a fun shop! I love the little animals and wooly tree. My 3 year old son would look super cute feeding our chickens in the peace chicken shirt!

  32. Having a certain affinity for chickens, I have to say the chicken is my fav:-) Lovely designs all around.

  33. What a great shop! Those jump ropes are awesome! My 6 year old son would love the chicken shirt — maybe a youth medium? He loves the book Rosie’s Walk — this reminds me a little of that 🙂

  34. What a sweet shop. I would love the red peace chicken onesie. The jump ropes are also very cool. Glad I found you!!!

  35. Lovely shop, I love the colourful jump ropes and wooden toys. I’d give an extra-large tee to my 14yo, since that shade of blue is her favourite colour and I think she’d love the funky design.

  36. What a beautiful shop. My eight-year-old daughter, Sylvie Wren, would love a chicken shirt (in a size med.), and I’d love for her to wear it, since it’s not only lovely to look at, but made of organic cotton, too! Love the armadillo as well…

  37. Love the shop! The little wooden figurines are so cute, and I love the Volkswagen shirt too! If I won, I would give a medium size shirt to my daughter.

  38. I love all the wooden creatures and trees! I would love to win the teeshirt for one of my grandsons! Many thanks for this introducing me to Jupiter!

  39. Jupiter’s Child is a beautiful shop! Everything is wonderful! I would love a 12m green onsie for my baby girl!

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