Little Birdie Applique Block

There have been many interesting ideas of how to use the design in the Little Birdies Eye Case for other projects. But then I thought, I might be thinking too small! It occurred to me that these little guys could, and should, be included in our Applique Blocks. So, I enlarged one little birdie 250%, and wah lah… a new applique block. This birdie was designed to fit on our standard 6″ x 6″ block, but it can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs.

Now, with a big birdie, I’m thinking pillows, t-shirts and backpacks! Or, blow it up and paint it on a wall! Hope you come up with a place for this whimsical little guy. The pattern for the Little Birdie Applique Block can be found HERE. Enjoy!
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  1. This is too frickin’ cute! And timely. My SIL signed us up for a class on needle felting on clothing. We are suppose to bring a design. THIS IS IT! I was going to do the stacking birds but this just won out. As always, thanks. You made my day.

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