Little Birdies Coloring Page

Little Birdies Coloring Page

In an ongoing quest to keep Pixie in coloring pages, I just added our Little Birdies Coloring Page, inspired by our Little Birdie Applique Block, inspired by our Little Birdies Eye Case. I love these Little Birdies. I added a limb of a tree, and I think the three look very chummy! Pixie has not seem them yet, but I know she’ll be painting them first chance she gets!

The Little Birdie Coloring Page can be found HERE.


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  1. My boys love your website and all the goodies I make. They adore your coloring pages. They were quite taken with these little birdies and I’ve printed them off already. Cheers!

  2. I’ve tried running water color paper through my printer and every time I do it gets jammed ;( Any suggestions? We would love to water color these.

    1. First off… there are different weights of water color paper. Perhaps you have thick paper and it isn’t going through but a lighter weight might. Or, your printer just can’t handle a thicker paper.

      If your printer can’t handle if, you can trace the design onto water color paper. Simply print the design off, then trace on the water color paper by placing tracing paper between the two. Or, using the flat side of a pencil lead on the back of the design, rub the lead over the lines (holding the design up to a window during the day will show you where the lines are). Then, place the copy on the water color paper and trace on the front of the design. The graphite on the lines will be seen on the water color paper.

      Which ever method you use, you will then want to copy over the design with a permanent marker to get the nice, dark lines. I know if is a lot more work, but I’m afraid it is the only way if your printer can’t handle it.

      Of course, there is nothing saying you have to water color the design. Crayons, colored pencils and markers will also give a lovely result. If your printer handles card stock, it will create a thicker, longer lasting picture. Hope this helps.

      1. Nice Colouring page. Thank you!

        I found these the other day, my little girl loves them!
        Animals and flowers and design patterns of all different countries, so delightful I just had to share too. Perhaps you have already come across them.
        (I have no affiliation with this site)

        1. Somehow I missed this comment when you posted. Sorry! Thanks so much for sharing that site, it is incredible!

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