Living Crafts

Living Crafts

It is finally here… our Winter 2010/2011copy of Living Crafts magazine! We have been eagerly awaiting this issue… as some of you may have already noticed… we have a featured project in this issue.

We crafted a play-along set to go with the book The Mitten. We designed a felt mitten that can come apart at the seams after stuffing in a plethora of ‘chilly’ wooden woodland creatures. It makes a great addition to your story time and would be a wonderful add on for those of you who plan to complete our Winter Wonderland Curriculum.


If you do not have a subscription to Living Crafts magazine you can order the back issues here or you can find the current issue at many book and craft stores (including Borders, Barnes and Nobel, Michaels and Joanns).

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. congrats!!!!! i love that project and am excited to carve out some time to make it. you will get me from the *i’m going to make some wooden toys one day* place to the *i made some awesome toys* place. 😉

    1. Once you get started, Rae, you are going to wonder why you haven’t been woodworking your whole life! Although the wooden figures you can buy are beautiful, they are also dear. After your initial investment of the jigsaw and dremel, it is such an affordable craft. Plus, working with wood, sanding it smooth, is so satisfying. I expect to be informed when you make your first wood project 🙂

  2. i DID notice!! my copy came two days ago and i always eagerly page through it to see the new projects, and tHERE you were!!congratulations!! one of my teachers Suzanne Down often appears there too and it’s so fun to see a friend in print. 🙂 you DO know i will be doing the mitten project for my preschool, right? 🙂 and xxx

    1. I follow Suzanne Down’s work and I’m so jealous I don’t live close enough to take part in her workshops. And when you complete your mitten project, I know you’ll blog about it, but make sure you let us know. I don’t always get to all my favorite blogs in a timely manner and I won’t want to miss it!

  3. It was so fun to get this issue and “see” you in there… kind of like running into old friends. As I don’t have woodworking capacity, I’m going to make the animals out of felt. I cut the mitten slightly smaller in comparison to the animals so they would still fill it up. I’m just going to put a little wool batting inside to make them puffy. Hoping to get it done in time for a Christmas gift for my nephew. I’ve only seen Jan Brett’s version of this book but will look for this one. Thanks for a wonderful project!
    You give me so much inspiration… thank you!
    I made the wool roving angels with my kids this week, and they were so simple and are a beautiful addition to our “Mary’s Star Path” advent scene.

  4. I looked at the magazine yesterday and loved the mitten and animals. Oblivious me didn’t look at who contributed. But I should have known, it screams Wee Folk Art. Hands down, it is the loveliest project in the magazine. My dear, sweet, lovely, kind, and doting father-in-law (and yes I am going to show him this comment, hehe) is coming over tomorrow. I get him to do my woodworking projects for me. I’ll have him on this one in time to give it to my 3 year old for Christmas and I’ll make the mittern. Thanks so much. I love you guys!

  5. What a fun project! I can’t wait to get my magazine and make this for my daughter. We LOVE The Mitten – we have Jan Brett’s version. Congrats on making it into the magazine! 🙂

  6. wow, the mag looks awesome! Congrats on the magazine feature. Wee Folk Art seriously rocks!

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