Log Cabin Coloring Page

Log Cabin Coloring Page

Here’s another coloring page for the wee ones. Print out our Log Cabin Coloring Page on regular or water color paper. Instructions for water coloring can be find HERE. The Log Cabin Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy!

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PLEASE NOTE: Coloring pages are copyrighted designs and are meant for personal use only. They cannot for duplicated nor can projects made from the patterns be sold without our permission.

Click here to download the updated version of the log cabin coloring page that does not have the stitch marks.



  1. These coloring pages are so sweet. My children love to drawn but there are time they ask me to draw a picture for them to color. I love how homey these feel. Keep it up. We love them!

  2. Now that I have actually had a few moments to look through your website I am so excited. It is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing so many fantastic ideas. I can’t wait to spend more time here!

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