Maple Leaf Applique Block

Maple Leaf Applique Block


Although the calendar may still say August… supposedly the hottest month of the year… the temperature says fall… and it’s been this way for the past week. Now, I’m a fall person, so I’m alright with this, but it does make me feel like I better get a move on and get my fall and Christmas crafting underway! Nothing says fall in the Midwest like, well, our falling leaves! So I thought it would be appropriate to wander out the back door, scoop up a couple of leaves… trace them… and turn them into applique blocks. Leaves can be used in so many different fall projects. Use them as appliques on quilts and t-shirts. Or cut out pairs, embroider them, then blanket stitch them together. They can to thrown hither and yon, turned into brooches, or glued to picture frames. The possibilities are endless!

Today I’m sharing our Maple Leaf Block Applique. Although the leaf I traced is still green, I gave it fall colors for the block. As with all blocks, this was designed for a 6″ x 6″ block, but can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. The pattern for the Maple Leaf Applique Block can be found HERE or in our FREE Applique section. Enjoy!
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  1. Beautiful as usual. Your work is my bar of excellence. I want my work to be just like yours when it grows up 🙂 I love the colors. Very masculine don’t you think?

    1. Thank you so much for the fall leaves pattern!

  2. Oh, how I love the colors. This may sound dumb but how did you get the stem to look that that? Is their varigated floss like there is varigated yarn? I am new to embroidery.

    I can’t believe you thought to just go outside and trace a leaf. DOH! Why don’t I get ideas like that, jeeze. Nope. I need to use other people’s brainy ideas! Thanks.

  3. Maple Leaf Applique Block – Very good news.

  4. I am also fall person! There is something so cozy in fall that I can’t help myself wishing to leave somewhere where fall doesn’t end!(also I am not summer person and summer is total torture for me)
    Soon kids and I are gonna scooping up leaves – me for some embroidery and girls love to put leaves inside book pages and press them!

  5. Thank you so much for the fall leaves pattern! And I was so pleased to see there was a maple AND an oak one as well! Yayy! Have been looking for some for quite a while. Fall is my favorite season, with all its varied colors.

  6. This is a very nice pattern (one of my favorites on the site). Thanks for sharing.

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