Miniature Envelope Tutorial

Miniature Envelope Tutorial

If you have wee creatures in your life, like fairies and gnomes, chances are they will be sending letters to loved ones. Today, on Wee Folk Art, use our miniature envelope tutorial to make them a whole box of stationery!

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While Britta was off collecting dried grasses to weave into baskets, she saw the carrier pigeon bringing a letter to their house. Britta wished she had been home to sit with her friend and hear news of his travels, but unfortunately she would miss today’s visit. She was glad, however, that he would help himself to some water and sunflower seeds before he continued his route.

As she made her way home Britta was filled with excitement. She wondered who the letter was from. She lived so far away from so many people she loved and the letters always made that distance melt away. When she opened the letter she read:

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Dear Britta,

I am writing to let you know the twins have been born and we are all doing fine.

We wanted to invite your family to visit us for the tree dedication ceremony.

It will be in May. The weather will be beautiful and you will be able to sleep outside under the stars. You can listen to the waves all night. I know you love that!

Please say you will come. It has been too long since we had a good visit.

Your loving cousin,


Britta’s heart soared knowing that Calleen and the twins were fine. Then, the thought of taking a trip to the seaside made her giddy as a toddler! Oh, what fun it would be. She loved the ocean, and the waves, and the sand, and the smells.

With letter in hand she ran off to find Axel and tell him the good news!

Materials for Miniature Envelope Tutorial

Begin by making a copy of the pattern to be used as a template. You will want the paper to be stiff so you can easily trace and reuse the template. You can print the pattern on card stock. I prefer to print the pattern on regular paper than cover the design with shipping tape. This protects edges from wear if you plan to reuse your templates.

Cut out your templates.

miniature envelope tutorial picture1

miniature envelope tutorial picture2

Place your templates on paper and trace. NOTE: I like to use Post-It Notes. First, they come in many different colors and second, if you place your template so the point of the envelope is as the top of the Post-It, when you cut it out the flap will have the sticky part behind it, which will seal your envelope when you close it. You will then be able to open the envelope without damaging it.

miniature envelope tutorial cut out 545wm

Trace your envelope and stationery on the paper and cut out.

miniature envelope tutorial trace 545wm

miniature envelope tutorial trace cut 545wm

Using the pattern as a guide, fold the envelope along the broken lines.

miniature envelope tutorial fold 545wm

Place glue along the bottom section of the 2 folded edges being careful not to get glue on the inside of the envelope.

miniature envelope tutorial glue1 545wm

Fold the bottom up and hold in place for a minute while the glue dries.

miniature envelope tutorial glue2 545wm

Your miniature envelope and stationery and now ready to use!

miniature envelope tutorial done 545wm

Using a fine tipped marker write your letter. Make sure you use a very fine tipped marker so you can write small. Also, make sure that the marker does not bleed through your paper.

miniature envelope tutorial write 545wm

When you are done with the letter, fold in thirds, slip it into your miniature envelope and seal.

miniature envelope tutorial fold letter1 545wm

miniature envelope tutorial letter2 545wm

miniature envelope tutorial letter3 545wm

Add a proper address and a stamp and your letter it will be ready to mail. NOTE: To make a stamp you can draw your own, cut pictures out of a catalog or miniaturize a photo of one of Wee Folk Art’s Applique Blocks and cut it out. I used our Stump Applique. Glue it to your envelope and send it off! Now all you have to do is wait for a reply!

miniature envelope tutorial address

NOTE: Most of the mail in The Thicket is sent by carrier pigeon. The system works quite well for the wee gnomes.

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