Owl Doorstop Directions

Owl Doorstop Directions


Felt Color A – back, front, bottom
Felt Color B – chest, eyelids
Felt Color C – eyes
Felt Color D – wings
Felt Color E – beak
Embroidery floss Color B
Embroidery floss Color C
Embroidery floss Color D
Embroidery floss Color E
2 3/4” buttons with 2 holes for eyes
Stuffing (wool or polyfil)
Beans, fish gravel or large grained sand for weighting the bottom

Directions: (All seams are 1/4″.)
1] Download pattern and make copies.

2] Cut out pattern pieces as follows:
Color A (sage green)   
2 body pieces (front and back)
1 bottom
Color B (tan)
1 chest
2 eyelids
Color C (white)
2 eyes
Color D (forest green)
2 wings
Color E (cinnamon)
1 beak

3] Using the pattern as a guide, pin chest in place. Using 3 strands of color B (tan), blanket stitch chest to body front.

4] Transfer chest markings to owl. Using 6 strands of Color D (forest green), stem stitch the feather lines.

5] Using the pattern as a guide, pin beak to owl. Attach to face using a running stitch with 3 strands of Color E (cinnamon). Pin eyes to face. Blanket stitch to face using 3 strands of Color C (white). Position eyelids and using 3 strands of Color B (tan) blanket stitch the curve and use a running stitch on the flat edge.

6] Position buttons (irises) on eyes and attach using matching thread.

7] Pin front to back with right sides together. Using a 1/4″ seam allowance sew pieces together. REMEMBER to leave an opening on the head for turning the owl right side out later. DO NOT sew the bottom on yet. (Picture below is from Horace the Puppy Doorstop.

8] Transfer markings to wings. Stem stitch using Color B.

9] Using the pattern as a guide, pin wings to owl’s body. (Note: if you wish to make the owl “anatomically correct” the smooth side of the wing should be in the front, closest to the chest, and the bumpy side should be facing the back. I chose to reverse the wings because I thought it looked cuter, but either way is fine.) Blanket stitch wings to body using 3 strands of Color D (forest green).

10] With right sides together, pin bottom in place matching side seams and notches. Sew in place. (Picture below is from Horace the Puppy Doorstop.)

11] Turn owl right side out.

12] Using beans, gravel or sand, fill the bottom of the owl about 4”.

13] Tightly fill the remainder of the owl with wool or polyfil. Pack tightly without stressed seams.

14] Using a blind stitch, sew up opening with matching thread.

15] Give your owl a name, take a pic and put it on Wee Folk Art’s flickr group!



  1. I’m excited to make Percy! Thank you for your wonderful template!

    1. Hi there,
      I love this Owl pattern and have one question to ask. Do I enlarge the pattern or use it as is. Thank you so much for sharing.

      1. You should be able to use the pattern as is, but there is a 1" scale box on the pattern (on most of our patterns btw) that you can use to double check the size of your printed pattern (some printers auto re-scale images to fit different settings). If your box does not measure 1" or you want a larger doorstop we did write an article on Reducing and Enlarging Patterns that you might want to read. Good luck.

        1. Thank you Michelle, I made the Owl and I am very pleased with the outcome. What a lovely simple pattern to follow. Tomorrow I may try the dog..

          Thank you for the quick reply..


  2. He reminds me so much of X the Owl on Mr. Rogers. Now I MUST make him! Thanks for such a sweet pattern!

    1. Although that wasn’t in my head when I made him, perhaps subconsciously he was flitting around. Having said that… makes me think of Daniel Striped Tiger and Henrietta Pussycat. I loved Mr. Rogers.

  3. Hi!
    that is such a lovely doorstop, what a wonderful thing to share it. Thank you!

  4. What an excellent, easy to follow pattern. Made my first one a couple of months ago (in dark blue to match my friend’s lounge) and then gots requests for more from other friends! There’ll be one in the house of everyone I know soon! Thank you very much for the inspiration 🙂

  5. Hi, i just want to thank you for the patterns and the directions given, they’re very easy to follow. I also wanted to share my first attempt at doing Percy, it’s nearly finished, i have to buy some heavy stuffing in order to give it weight, but i wanted to see it. Let me know what you think! http://s1033.photobucket.com/albums/a419/Fluffybunn/My%20Creations/

    This was also my first attempt at Blanket Stitches and slip stitch. Not bad for the first time eh?!

    Also, do you have to enlarge the pattern in a photocopier or is it the actual size? I’m asking since in the picture where he’s on the tree, he seems much bigger than what i have made. Thanks a million again!

    your newest fan 🙂

      1. You have been busy. I hope you plan on making Horace, too. (Shh… don't tell the others but Horace is my favorite, but I'm a dog lover at heart!) Thanks for sharing. We love seeing finished projects.

        1. i am in the process of making him too Kimara, but my production line has slowed considerably 🙂 i hope to do a couple more as gifts, i hope to be able to before christmas! Thanks for answering, i dd not notice before today 🙂

  6. Made the owl but a little different, but still looks great! I would like to say that since I am a begginer at this sewing thing, I did have difficulty understanding a few of the instructions. My biggest problem was in step 7… I didn’t realize that you were supposed to sew only the sides and top of the owl, and NOT the bottom shut. Obviously after I had sewn all sides, I noticed my mistake and corrected it, but just thought this instructions could be a bit clearer! 🙂

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