Owl Pouch

Owl Pouch

I just finished up a Treasure Pouch for myself. The kids told me I needed my own so I stopped using theirs. I like to collect acorns too, you know. My mom had made all the kiddos their pouches so this was my first completed pouch.

I used a pair of old jeans for the cotton side and designed a felt owl for the flap. Once it was done, Bug spent some time looking at it and then said “maybe it’s a penguin mom.” Hmm… so maybe I missed the mark a bit on the owl but either way we all decided it was pretty cute and now I have my own pouch.

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else’s pouches turn out.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Totally cute, Mich! Ah, I can kinda see what Bug was talking about it you take the ears and wings off…but cute is cute, right? And what a shocker that you made it out of demin and khaki!!! But it turned out so cute and now you have your own pouch for those important finds! Looking forward to seeing lots of other pouches!

  2. I was wondering if there was a photo of the back of these treasure pouches at all? I’m assuming that the front part of the flap is what the back is, which looks to be felt.

    Thank you!
    Stephanie 🙂

    1. Kimara

      Hi Stephanie,

      If you go to the actual tutorial you will see photos of the back of the pouch. And, yes, the back would be the felt. https://weefolkart.com/treasure-pouch-1/ If you have any questions after checking out the tutorial just let me know 🙂 ~Kimara~

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