W.I.P. Coiled Rag Bowl

W.I.P. Coiled Rag Bowl

This summer the son of my dear friend is getting married. I wanted to make something for a shower gift and I immediately thought of the Coiled Rag Bowl. This bowl can fit any decor depending on the colors. I went to their registry at Pottery Barn. I made a copy of the stack of their towels, then I went out and found fabrics to match. (I realize the colors you see on screen aren’t necessarily accurate, but I didn’t need them to match exactly… just wanted the same feel.)

Here is the work in progress:

To get the complete directions on how to make a coiled rag bowl, check out last year’s tutorial for the Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl. Although a bit time consuming, they are fun to make and the finished bowls are so beautiful, it is worth each and every pin pricked finger 🙂

What special projects are you working on?



  1. Not really a summer event but my bestfriend is having her first baby this summer so I’ve been making her a basket of gifts, many of them from here. Right now I’m working on your hooded swaddling. I’m using a beautiful, hand painted, muted rainbow wool. I also made your felt ball and 3 nubby dolls. I want to make her a few bibs. I love your stacking birds applique and plan to put one of the birds on each bib. Thanks for all your inspiration! I have yet to try one of your rag bowls. Love the colors you are using. Want to make one for myself soon.

  2. I love your rag bowls! I will have to make one (or more) with all my scraps of fabric.

    Right now I am working on some felt poppies, and I want to make one of the felt pin cushions you posted. Now that our garage sale is over, I won’t feel guilty spending some time crafting.

    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and tutorials. I have learned so much from you!

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