Advent Week 4 – Room for a Little One

Advent Week 4 – Room for a Little One

WEEK 4 – Birth of Baby Jesus
The book: Room for A Little One
The craft: Nativity with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (using 2 large people bodies and 1 boy peg with assorted fabric scraps)
The recipe: Coffee cake birthday cake for Baby Jesus
The applique: Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph

“It was a cold winter’s night. Kind Ox lay in his stable, close to the side of an inn.”

And so the story of Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale, written by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Jason Cockcroft, begins. And from the beginning, this is a story of peace and beauty. We meet Kind Ox lying in the stable. Old Dog comes by looking for shelter from the night. “”Come inside,” Kind Ox said. “There’s always room for a little one here.”” As the evening goes on Stray Cat, Small Mouse, and finally Tired Donkey, all find room in the stable, in peace and harmony. And, of course, by the end of the evening, another “little one” is welcomed in the stable, where Baby Jesus sleeps with the ox, dog, cat, mouse and donkey.

The text is simple, the pictures soft and inviting, and the story shares the idea of “Peace on Earth.”


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  1. Just saw your site and Living Crafts Magazine while looking for some info on wool felting! Wow! How great! Thanks for the chance!

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