Peg Flowers and Fairies

A few days ago I shared a little Black Eyed Susan flower that I made with felt and a wooden peg. When you pushed the petals down, you discovered a little flower fairy. I began thinking about other flowers, focusing on the petal shapes. I came up with 4 different shapes, keeping the necks the same size on all of them. I’ll share some of the flowers I made, but the sky is the limit! Look at your favorite flowers, pick the petal that comes the closest, and before you know it, you’ll have a bed of your “bestest” favorites 🙂 Or, throw caution to the wind, get wild and crazy, and mix and match petals and colors, to create unique fantasy flowers. The choice is yours. For now, let’s get started and learn the basics.

wooden pegs – 7/8″x 2 3/8″

Make a copy of the pattern found HERE.

Begin by painting the body of the peg green. MAKE SURE TO USE CHILD SAFE PAINTS.

Paint the heads the color to match the flower you are making.

Pick your petal shape and cut out 8 petals in the desired color. You can make the petals all the same colors, or multiple colors for variations. You can even cut out 1 or 2 petals in green to represent leaves.

Many flowers have ridges or scallops on the outer edge of their petals. You can cut saw teeth or scallops at the edge of the petals.

Using quilting thread or 2 strands of matching floss, starting at the edge of the first petal, sew a running stitch to the middle of the neck.

Take the next petal, and overlap the first, and continue the running stitch sewing the two together. Stop at the middle of the second neck.

Continue adding petals in this overlapping fashion until all 8 petals have been adding, stopping in the middle of the 8th petal. IMPORTANT: when making your running stitch, make sure you do not overlap the stitches. You will need to pull the thread to gather around the wooden peg’s neck.

To join the petals to the wooden peg, wrap your petals around the neck of the peg, overlapping the 1st petal over the 8th. Sew a couple more running stitches connecting the petals.

Pull firmly on the thread until it is tight around the neck. Tie off.

Work the thread in and out of the petals a couple of times to hide the end of the thread, and clip the thread close to the petals.

Using a fine tipped, permanent marker, add a face and some “seeding looking” designs to represent both hair and seeds. Using paint, add a touch of pink for checks.

Here are the flowers I made… loosely based on real flowers 🙂

Petal A – Black Eyed Susan. Might also be used for dahlias, cone flowers, chrysanthemums, leaves etc.

Petal B – Poinsettia. Might also be used for irises, ruffled tulips, leaves, etc.

Petal C – Poppy. Might also be used for tulips, peonies, violets (scallop the edge), etc.

Petal D – Chicory – Might also be used for daisies, asters, coreopsis, etc.

Where can your imagination take these flowers? Have fun creating your own flower bed.
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  1. Heck fire, I want them for me! But just incase my grandchildren want some, is acrylic paint folk art paint child safe?

    1. Check the label. It should say non toxic and/or safe for children and/or food safe. I only craft with non toxic materials, even if they are not meant for children because they are also better for the environment. Have fun AND… there most certainly is nothing wrong with creating a flower bed just for you 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to start making these! I see a garden in our future, and can only imagine the color combos my 3 year old will ask for. So cute, thank you for sharing!

    1. When I was finishing these up yesterday, Pixie said she wanted to make some the next time she spent the night. We do this rotation thing where every week one of Michelle's wee ones spends the night, for some one-on-one(two) Gammy and Othy time. Then, the fourth week, they all spend the night and Michelle and Todd have a night to themselves. ANYWAY… she asked if she could make some next week when it was her turn to spend the night alone. I also look forward to the combinations she will come up with. I'll be sure to share.

      1. That sounds similar to a rotation my brothers & I did with my grandparents when I was young. I so loved going over and crafting with my Grandmother! Can’t wait to see what Pixie comes up with.

  3. So wonderfull and inspiring. Many many thanks for sharing all those great ideas!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the ideas that are presented on this site. Your creativity should…no, must be applauded.
    These are just too stinkin’ cute. Great for a little “take along friend” or party favour for a birthday.

  5. Yay Chicory! Thanks! Love them all and Princess Wild Thing and I will be making some soon! <3

  6. Wonderful! I just love these so much.

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