Racerback Tank


I have completed my second project from More Knitting in the Sun, the Ramona Racerback Tank. Actually I finished it, with the exception of the crocheted edge around the arm holes while in Vermont and Fairy has worn it several times at this 99% done stage. I finally sat down last night with a crochet hook to officially check it off the WIP list.

I knit it with the left over yarn (less than 2 skeins) from the too big Ginny Shrug but this time in the size 6. It fits Fairy nicely and will probably fit again next year… needing maybe just a bit of length. I’m thinking it might be cute to add some lace to the bottom. You can read my project notes at Ravelry.





Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I have got to learn how to knit. This is so cute. Your little Fairy is cute as ever.

  2. this is adorable! i remember the shrug from before. : ) nice that it will have such a long life. you have a great model. : )

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