Pinecone and Acorn Crafts

Pinecone and Acorn Crafts

acornandpinecones Collage

What’s one of the very best things about autumn? Nature walks, of course. Whether your saunter through your backyard with a cup of coffee or take the family on a meander through a woods, you are sure to see, smell and feel autumn all around you. While you are taking in the majestic fall colors, don’t forget to look down, too. On the ground you will find pinecones and acorns. In our area there is an abundance of acorns, so I never feel bad asking Mother Nature to share a few with us. But if there is a scant supply in your area, and you feel like you are robbing your woodland friends, don’t worry. Just pop the caps and leave the nuts to the creatures. There’s plenty to be done with just the tops.

Below are lots of fun and easy crafts to show off your gathered treasures!

Ombre Pinecones from Whimzeecal

Oh, the things you can do with a little paint and a creative spirit! Visit Wimzeecal for the directions. Make sure you display them so you can see the beautiful gradation of colors!


Wooden Sorting Acorns from Wee Folk Art

Let’s say there are no acorns to collect in your area. Not a problem. Paint wooden acorns to create beautiful arrangements. Visit Wee Folk Art for directions as links to purchase bowls and acorns.


Hanging Mason Jars with Acorns from Pottery Barn

This is a lovely way to show off your acorns. The Hanging Mason Jars are available from Pottery Barn for $9.50.


DIY Pinecone Garland from Cake Events + Design

Pick a color… any color! By simply spray painting pinecones and stringing them together with twine, Cake Events + Design made a lovely garland that you can personalize with color. Pick colors to fit your decor or to mimic the season. Also, although these were spray painted, if you are working with children, they can be painted with a paintbrush.


Needle Felted Wool Acorns from Wee Folk Art

Turn snippets of wool yarn or roving into colorful acorns. You can collect just the caps of the acorns and leave the nuts for your furry friends. Visit Wee Folk Art to find out how to turn them into ornaments or toss into a bowl.


Yarn Wrapped Pinecones from Wee Folk Art

A fun and easy way to bring a little color into a bowl of pinecones. A great project for the whole family. Visit Wee Folk Art for the directions.


Acorn Ornaments from Lil Fish Studios

At one time these were for sale at Lil Fish Studios. Unfortunately, they no longer are, but they are so cute I’m sharing them anyway to inspire. Make sure you visit Lil Fish. Quite frequently I link to her crafts/products.


Vintage Hand Painted Pine Cones from Fallaloft Etsy Shop

This collection of brush painted pinecones was a one of a kind vintage collection from Fallaloft. Although these sold, I was smitten with the colors and the “flower” look achieved by using the tops of the pinecones. I’ve included these here for inspiration. Feeling inspired?


Acorn Tops from Hello Hydrangea

What came first… the acorn top or the idea? At Hello Hydrangea the tops were collected without a plan, but even if they never get any farther than cleaned, varnished a painted, they are beautiful. I’m thinking garlands and necklaces. What about you? Visit Hello Hydrangea for complete instructions.¬†acornandpinecones6

Pinecone Fire Starters from Martha Stewart

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a fire built that was built with drift wood, then you already know the magic that salt adds to a fire’s colors. These pinecones were dipped in beeswax then sprinkled with salt to achieve similar results. Visit Martha Stewart for the complete tutorial. There is even a video.




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