Color Collage :: Pink Icing

Color Collage :: Pink Icing


Sometimes I find myself pinning items just because I am drawn to the colors of the image. Ok… I find myself doing that a lot! So I thought it would be fun to create several color collages, with no particular theme other than that the images look pretty together.¬†I am calling today’s color collage PINK ICING which features images with light pinks and other pastels.

Do you know of a product or project that would look lovely in this collection? Link to your favorite PINK ICING images in the comments. We would love to have our readers add to the collage. ūüôā


Fairytale Painting

This whimsical fairy print was the jumping off point for today’s color collage: Pink Icing.

I have bought a couple of prints from Sascalia in the past and love her fanciful images. This sweet flying fairy is sporting our themed color Pink Icing.

Fairytale Painting, Pink Fairy Art Print for Nursery Decor and Little Girls Room Decor is

Available on ETSY from Sascalia


Teapot Cake Topper

I can just imagine the tea party, with pink polka-dot dresses and white lace gloves that would be made even more magical with this teapot cake topper. If a white rabbit happened to stop by, he would be most welcomed.

Available on ETSY from CakebyAngela for $65


Pink Retro Rotary Phone

Growing up, my mom had an antique, wood box, rotary phone on the kitchen wall. Although the cord was only 18 inches long and it took you 3 minutes to dial a number, or more if you made a mistake and had to start all over, we loved that phone. All of our of our friends had to give it a try when they came over.

Glodeals 1960’s Style Pink Retro Old Fashioned Rotary Dial Telephone

Available on Amazon from Glodeals


Waldorf Easter Cat Babies Knitting Pattern

Knit your own adorable waldorf Easter Cat Babies with this pattern designed by Tatyanan Korobkova. Knit in the round, these cute toy dolls are recommend for the advanced beginning knitter.

Girls Daisy Bracelet

Sweet as can be, this Daisy Bracelet is made with a rainbow of pastel flowers and is available is several sizes for little girls.

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

This star shaped baby blanket can be worked up in a variety of colors, completely changing the look of the design. Of course today I was drawn to the one crocheted in a pastel pallet. The image shared today features a blanket crocheted by Ravelry user CVETA11.

Petite Ceramic Vases, Set of 6

This colorful collection of mini-vases would look adorable all together on window sill, or would individually add just a splash of color tucked here and there throughout the house. They are small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Dusk to Dawn Kantha Pouch

A tiny drawstring pouch is perfect to use when all you need to take with you are the bare essentials.

Available from Three Bird Nest for $48.99



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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