Valentine Craft: Puffy Hearts Wall Hanging

Valentine Craft: Puffy Hearts Wall Hanging

For Valentine’s Day we made a plethora of puffy hearts as our Valentine craft. These sweet heart ornaments would make a lovely Valentine for teachers, friends, or relatives… or hang a bunch together as an adorable, colorful, wall hanging.

Valentine Hearts Wall Hanging Craft

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornaments Featured

This Valentine Heart Ornament post was originally published on Feb 11, 2014 @ 08:24. It is fun valentine craft to make with kids. I still have my rainbow heart ornament wall hanging on my dining room wall.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Wall Hanging

Puffy Heart, Valentine Craft Materials:

  • Muslin Fabric
  • Washable Fabric Pen
  • Fiber Fill
  • 6 Stranded Embroidery Floss
  • Needle and pins
  • Water color or acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Heart Pattern (draw and cut out a heart to use as a pattern)
  • Pinking Shear
  • Scissors


Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Materials

To start your Puffy Heart Ornament Valentine craft, trace a heart pattern onto a sheet of muslin. Cut two pieces of muslin (one with the heart pattern and one plan) into a square leaving at least an inch around the pattern. Line up the two pieces and pin together.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Pattern

Using all 6 strands of embroidery floss, use a running stitch to outline the valentine heart and sew the pieces together. You can hide the knot between the two pieces of fabric.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Sewing

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Sewing2

Leave about an inch wide opening to stuff the heart.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament opening

Loosely, stuff the valentine heart ornament with fiber fill and then finish sewing the heart closed. Hide your knot between the layers.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Tie

Once your heart ornament sewing is complete, used watered down acrylic paints or water color paints to paint your heart. You can paint your heart solid or mix colors together. Painting some areas lighter and others darker, creates a lovely molted effect. Each Valentine heart ornament can be completely unique.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Watercolor Painting

Feel free to use more than one color or paint patterns. Be sure to paint at least a 1/2 inch beyond your sewing stitch.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Water Color Rainbow

Hang your Valentine craft ornaments to dry.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Hanging Hearts Drying

Once your Valentine craft puffy heart ornaments are dry, use pinking shears to cut out around the edge of the heart, approximately 1/4 inch away from your seam.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Trimming

Use the 6 stranded embroidery floss to create a hanging loop for your Valentine heart ornaments. Thread the floss onto the needle folded in half, doubling it to 12 strands. Pull through, slide the needle off, and slip the ends through the loop. Tie off the ends of the string and trim. If you want to make a wall hanging your loops should be slightly longer than the height of your hearts from bottom point to center dip.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Adding Hanging Thread

You now have a lovely Valentine heart ornament.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Completed

They can be hung separately, given away as Valentines, or you can link them together to create a rainbow heart wall hanging. To link them, slip the purple heart loop over the blue heart loop and let it drop down. Now slip the blue loop over the teal loop, and so on.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament combining

Hang your Valentine craft heart ornaments by the top loop.

Valentine Craft Puffy Heart Ornament Wall Decoration with Gnomes

If you would like, you can use printed fabrics instead of painting plain muslin to make your Valentine heart ornaments.


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  1. I have a quick question. I don’t own picking shears. Do you think it would be alright to just cut it with regular scissors or do you think it would unravel? I guess I could sew them and turn them inside out bet you’d lose that cute stitching on the outside.

    1. If you just cut them with scissors, yes, they will fray a bit, but that is a style on its own and since they really aren't being handled it shouldn't be a problem. You may just want to cut a little bit further away from the seam. Also, if you use acrylic paints, you can try using a thicker amount around the edge where you will be cutting and that should act as a fray check to help stop the some fraying.

    2. Purl has nother smal patterns

  2. Totally adding these to my future project list 🙂 The little lady would love the coloring part!

    1. Maybe I can get the girls to stitch some up for her before we come. Then she'll just get to paint them 🙂

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