Pixie’s Birthday Present

Pixie’s Birthday Present


Today is Pixie’s birthday and I just finished her Rainbow Doll… with 3 hours to spare! Actually, I didn’t get a chance to make the bag to hold her beanbags, but I’ll get it finished up for her tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek at all the rainbow goodies in her Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl!

The Bowl. You can find the directions for the Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl HERE.

The Gnomes. You can find the directions for the Little Felt Gnomes HERE.

The Lavender Beanbags. You can find the directions for the Lavender Beanbags HERE.

The Baby Doll. Directions for the doll will be posted next week.

The Eggs. Purchased from The Little Star Shop.

The Barrettes. A very sweet gift from Jen at The Little Star Shop. Thank-you, Jen xox.

The Star Braider and Yarn Balls. Directions for the Star Braider can be found HERE.

Skein of Rainbow Yarn. Bernat Sox Yarn, color Crazy Hot 42706.

Clementine Art Natural Crayons. A lovely gift from A Toy Garden. (Will review next week 🙂

Rainbow Juggling Balls. Another beautiful gift from A Toy Garden. (Will review next week 🙂



  1. Aww…beautiful things!

    Happy Birthday Pixie….Blessings on your day!

  2. Now I want a rainbow birthday for me. Those are lovely gifts.

  3. What a perfect birthday present! Everything is lovely.

    I’m glad you like the little hair clips. I had some rainbow ribbon and I’ve been playing around with bows for my little girl lately.

    1. Thanks again 🙂 They are lovely. And perfect for her basket.

  4. Wow, lucky Pixie! I  it all.

  5. What a fantastic birthday basket and thank you so much for all the useful links!

  6. gorgeous.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl

  7. What a gorgeous selection of goodies! I’m looking forward to taking a peek at the baby doll tutorial!

    Your site is a real mine of information, for which I’m very grateful, I’ve added you to the side bar on my blog, hope you don’t mind!

    Blessings to you

    1. Not only do we not mind, we are very grateful! We love it when our readers think enough of our blog to include us in their favorites. We always feel honored and love to make new friends.

  8. oh my!! even i would be overjoyed with such a colorful lot of goodness! (really, i would.) happy birthday pixie!

    1. I am giving more thought to photography these days. Michelle is the real photographer. I’m so excited because she got a camera exactly like mine, and I’m counting on her to teach me a few tricks! Hope you and the animals are staying dry… at least mostly!

  9. I love your craft ideas! I’ve been browsing through your blog for a little while now and everything you create is just so sweet and touching. I’m hoping to have some similar ideas for handmade toys when I have children of my own (or perhaps I’ll just use some of your ideas haha). Happy birthday Pixie!

    1. And happy belated 21st birthday to you, Kasey!

  10. Happy birthday to the swetest little Pixie! Love and kisses!!

  11. I was wondering if the directions for your star braider/weaver have become available?  




  12. I was wondering about the star weaver directions and if they are available yet?
    My daughter has started showing an interest in yarn work.

    1. Kimara

      I realized I never did a follow up post on this. I just checked our sponsors to see if anyone was carrying the wooden star looms right now and no one seems to be carrying them. I then went to Amazon and did a Google search and I’m coming up empty. You can always make your own. Cut a heavy circle of cardboard. Poke a hole in the center then cut 8 notches around the outer edge of the circle equal distance about. (See the photo of the wooden star. It does not need to be shaped like our wood star weaver. A circle will give you the same results) Cut 7 lengths of thread and knot together at one end. Push that through the hole. Now place the 7 lengths of thread in 7 slots. One will be empty.

      To weave you will want to remember 2 things. First, while working, always turn the circle in the same direction, and second, always grab a thread the same distance from the open slot.

      For example… grab a thread 1 slot to the left of the open slot. Place it in the open slot. This now creates a new slot. Again, grab the thread 1 slot to the left of the new open slot and place it in the open slot. Continue this action. As the braid begins to grow keep giving a little tug under the weaver to move the braid out of the way.

      You can get different looks by grabbing different threads but always to the same thing over and over. For example, you can grab threads 2 slots to the left of the open slot. Also, you can grab from the right of the open slot.

      Hope this makes sense. I will try to remember to do a photo tutorial, too.


      1. Is there anyway to make it wooden? I’m thinking of long term usage. She is 4.5 now so its something that will be used a lot.

        1. Kimara

          Actually, my husband made that one based on a purchased one we had received. I may have even started a tutorial on it. Let me check.

          Just checked, I did start a tutorial on how to make your own. I’ll post it sometime later in the week.


        2. Kimara

          Just posted the tutorial for making the wooden star braider. I will be sharing a tutorial on how to braid in a couple of days. Hope this helped 🙂 ~Kimara~

          1. I have already printed off the pattern. You just made small one very happy! Thank you so much! 🙂

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