BOX OF CRAYONS by Kimara Wise If I could name the crayons Oh what fun it’d be, The names would be extraordinary, Just like you and me! Red would be “Ketchup” Orange “Marmalade” Brown would be “Squishy Mud” And, Purple, “Monster Shade”. Yellow would be “Dandelion” Green “Dragon Scales” BlueRead More →

As a child few things thrilled me more than a new box of crayons. Oh the possibilities, oh the beauty, oh the smell… is there anyone out there that can’t conjure up the smell of a new box of crayons? To this day, when I buy a new box ofRead More →

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIXIE! Today is Pixie’s birthday and I just finished her Rainbow Doll… with 3 hours to spare! Actually, I didn’t get a chance to make the bag to hold her beanbags, but I’ll get it finished up for her tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek at all theRead More →

There are many different variations for beeswax crayons, but most use equal weight amounts of beeswax and white bar soap. This is the recipe I’ve used with great success over the years. How do these compare to the Soy Crayons we made several months ago? I find the beeswax crayons to beRead More →