Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

Just wanted to share an outfit I just finished for Pixie. I used some of the Project Runway fabric I got last week and made a basic, elastic gathered waist skirt. I’ll have the pattern written up in the next couple of days. I used something called a “Flat Fell Seam” which is a fun and oh so lovely way of finishing a seam. I’ll have a how-to on that, too. Also, since the fab was so much fun… totally wild and crazy birds, I wanted to make an applique equally as fun. They say necessity is the mother of invention… well, so are screw ups! My 100 year old Wonder Under wasn’t quite so wonderful and wasn’t sticking. I intentionally cut it smaller than the applique pieces because I wanted it to have a frayed looked. But when nothing was sticking, I decided to machine applique. Everything went wrong. Pieces shifted, couldn’t make turns, it was a mess. I was going to rip it out and start again and then I thought… if it’s looking messy… I’ll make it look REALLY messy, like I planned it that way! So, I went just as wild as the birds in the fabric! It’s a mess… but I love it and I know Pixie will too when she gets it tomorrow. Watch for the pattern for the skirt and the wild and crazy bird applique!



  1. I love the fun patterns on the skirt and the bird applique is just too adorable!

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