Posy Peasant Babushka Doll

Posy Peasant Babushka Doll

I woke up this morning with the flu bug that Fairy brought home earlier in the week and this inexplicable desire to design a Matryoshka doll! I’m not sure if the 2 are connected, but between naps and blowing my nose, I managed to design this Posy Peasant Babushka Doll. I’m not sure to what ends yet… but I know I want to make something 2 AND 3 dimensional. (Hmmm… perhaps a new doorstop???) And, just because I thought the drawing was so cute, I watercolored it! (Why aren’t I napping?) 

I am sure the first thing I’ll do is to make this up with felt, but it would also be adorable with calicoes… perhaps an applique on a skirt. And I do want to create the “nesting” aspect of the dolls, so I will design matching smaller dolls. Anyway, the couch is calling to me, so off I go! Look for the pattern for this Babushka doll in the next couple of days.     


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  1. Get well soon Kimara! Your babushka doll is adorable and in whatever form it will be I’m sure it will be pretty cute!

    Have a great week! xx

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