Should be sleeping!

Should be sleeping!

What I should be doing is sleeping… I’m about 80% better, sleep could actually take me to 100%!!! Instead, I was working on the babushka doll. I have her done, but since I’m not sure what I’m doing with her yet, her side seams are open until I blanket stitch her in place… but you get the idea. The scans for the directions have been sent to Michelle, and with just a few directions, we should have the pattern up tomorrow. I am quite happy with her, and wanted to put her up before I crawled under the covers. I’m still thinking about embellishing her a bit. Many matryoshka dolls are quite ornate. We’ll see!
(Wow… lightening is awful on the pic. I will get a better pic up tomorrow. Must sleep!)


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  1. kimara! your babushka dolly is very sweet! i agree babushkas’s are quite ornate!

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