Stained Glass and Me, Do Not Agree

Stained Glass and Me, Do Not Agree

Back in the late 70s, my best friend started doing stained glass. I so wanted to give it a try, but I couldn't. When making stained glass you use lead, and I would spend the next 6 years of my life being pregnant or nursing, so I felt it wa…s something I would just have to wait to try.

I never stopped dreaming about making stained glass. I was always drawn to the stained glass booths at art fairs. I clipped pics from magazines, no Pinterest then, and started a collection of books and patterns. The stained glass windows in churches mesmerized me.

We then went through a series of moves, and the thought of collecting supplies and taking classes seemed daunting. Finally, when my youngest was in school, and although chaotic, my life was stable, my desire to do stained glass resurfaced.

Like most things I do, I jumped in feet first, filled with a passion. My sister-in-law and I went to glass shops, finding beautiful pieces of glass, we bought equipment, we were ready to go.

Problem was, I HATED, doing stained glass. I HATED everything about it! It was incomprehensible to me! I had lusted after it for so long. I was prepared. I had a crafting buddy, but none of that mattered. I didn't like cutting glass. I didn't like the little shards that poked my fingers. I didn't like using a grinder that used cold water. Everything about it was cold and hard and I was heartbroken!

My sister-in-law continued on. I gave her all of my glass and equipment. From the sidelines I watched her skills grow. I was envious, but not enough to preserver in doing something I did not enjoy. My love for stained glass has never vanished. I'm still drawn to the stained glass booths at art fairs, and I still dream about having a window sized stained glass piece in my home. I'm just NOT going to be the one to make it!

So, what craft have you tried that you thought you would love doing, but wound up hating… or at least not enjoying and giving up? I know I'm not alone here

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  1. After watching the movie “Ghost”, I was convinced that throwing pottery was what I wanted to do with my life. I signed up for classes at a local college and proceeded to dive headfirst into the art of making pottery. Well, I hated every minute of it. I abhored the mud, always having prune wrinkly fingers, and the feeling of wet clay under your fingernails (which, by the way, is absolutely disgusting). Not to mention that all of my pieces looked like crap. It’s been 20+ years and I don’t miss it one bit. Well I do miss the money I spent on all of the supplies and tuition…but that’s all. In short, I’m here commiserating with you.

    1. Funny, after watching the movie “Ghost”, I was convinced that throwing Patrick Swayze’s arms around me is what I wanted to do with my life! Hehe… just kidding… mostly 🙂 Seriously, after the movie, I thought I wanted to throw pottery, too. Fortunately, I was able to try it, and found it was not for me. My skin has always been so dry, and the dryness of the, well, the drying clay, all about drove me crazy. Totally understand!

  2. I’ve always loved stained glass too. I used to watch a show on PBS (I think Vicki Payne ??) on how to do it. Like you for years I have thought about how beautiful it would be but reality hit and I realized that I would not be very happy making stained glass but that I just loved the finished item. Then I realized I could make stained glass quilts instead. Much easier on the hands and I already collect fabric anyways. Plus, I can change out a quilt alot easier than a window since knowing me I would want to change out the stained glass often.

    1. I made a couple of large banners for our church using stained glass quilting. It was very satisfying.

      I so totally get the “changing out”. I tend to think of houses as organic and every changing. Quilts are easier to change than windows 🙂

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