Wool Roving Ornaments

Wool Roving Ornaments

Confession… we are in full blown Christmas mode here. We are so “That Family”… you know the type that already has the tree up (or should I say trees) and lights on the house (although we haven’t turn them on yet).  The kids wanted to decorate and it seemed like a good idea to me. It really was much better then spending the day after I host Thanksgiving frantically trying to get everything up so we can celebrate our Christmas with the in-laws. This year we have leisurely been decorating for the past two weeks… we just have to squeeze the extra table for Thanksgiving beside the tree.

Since the trees have been going up… we, of course, have felt the need to make ornaments. The kids and I made these simple, felted wool ornaments a few days ago. The kids and I felted the ornaments and Gammy added the ribbon loops.

Click here to get the instructions to make your own Felted Wool & Ribbon Ornament Balls or find them in our Free Patterns Section.



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I was gifted some roving and now i am buying a little bit at a time, now I need to find something I can make. Would love to do little animals, but not sure if I can. Guess I just have to try.


    1. I love all the animals you can make. A couple of birthdays ago Michelle gave me the needle felting supplies. Tim gave me whittling tools. Point of reference… I’ve never chopped and diced anything in my life without nicking a finger, and I swear everyone of needle crafting projects is laden with my DNA from blood samples from pricks! Being given 2 sharp poky things at the same time probably wasn’t a good idea. I think I was going for the record of how many band-aids you could have on your fingers and still function! I abandoned needle felting at the time, but I do want to try it again… hopefully with a few less pricks! All kidding aside, go for it! It is so cool to see the wad of roving turn into 3D shapes! 

  2. What a perfectly perfect child friendly craft. It looks like they were having a grand time!

  3. It was the purple beard that caught my attention. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to try this with my daughter. I know she’ll love it!

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