Rainbow Flowers Applique Block

Rainbow Flowers Applique Block

With the high temps we’ve been having this summer, many of my poor flowers are showing the strain. But here, appliqued on black felt, a garden of rainbow flowers are bright and perky! Made entirely with one small petal, these flowers look awesome together but one by itself would look sweet. As usually, The Rainbow Flower Applique Block was made to fit on a 6″ x 6″ block, but you can enlarge or reduce the pattern to meet your needs. The pattern can be found HERE.

Often, we get emails from our readers saying they love our applique blocks, but they want suggestions on how to use them. Do you have any ideas on what to do with these Rainbow Flowers? Share your suggestions 🙂

For example… I’m thinking it would be really cute if you cut the flowers out of kite paper, and attached them to your window. You can paint on the stems and leaves. Wouldn’t it be bright and cheery?


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  1. This would look awesome embroidered across the bottom of my new retro bell bottom jeans I dug out of my mom’s closet. Just doing the outlines in rainbow colors using a stem stitch or maybe a chain stitch. Love it!

    1. I still am tickled when I think of my old jeans as "retro". YIKES! Anyway, we often covered our jeans with embroidery or it was big to sew patches on our jeans. I do think this would look awesome on the hem of your jeans. Love to see the finished project.

      1. I think it would look cute and chic embroidered on a pillow slip for a nice little throw pillow for the couch. You can change it out and make one for each season. I love to have little accent pieces I can change out with the season 🙂 I haven’t attempted to do an applique yet, but I’m getting inspired. (My toddler says you need to make one with a train and a gnome mobile! 🙂

        1. LOL… tell your toddler that I put a post-it on my board with "train". He'll have to be a little more specific on what a "gnome mobile" is and I'll add that to the list too. Is he looking for an applique of a vehicle a gnome would ride (Usually a bird, btw 🙂 or something 3D? Share your thoughts and I'll see if we can make it happen!

          1. I love the idea of a “Gnome Mobile”. Maybe a gnome sitting on a bird in flight?

          2. Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am
            waiting for your next post thank you once again.

          3. Thanks! Lachlan would be tickled pink if his mommy could brave it and do a train applique. Sewing is something I’ve just recently been getting into and love it! Regarding the gnome mobile I think his little head is visualising a gnome sporting around in a classic convertible LOL! He puts a little gnome he has in a chevy corvette someone gave him. I can’t help but sing “The Gnome Mobile” song from the old Disney movie when he does it! But I’m sure he’d love a bird too! (though I have to say I gnome sporting a red car with a little tree in the back for Christmas would be cute 😉

          4. For some reason I thought he'd pick a car! Little boys are so fascinated with locomotion. No guarantee as to when, but post-its are on the board. Have fun exploring sewing. It's such a wonderful creative outlet, and often, not only do you create beauty, it is often functional. 

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