Restoring Order to the Gnome Home

Restoring Order to the Gnome Home

Our building project not only had an effect on our lives, but our poor gnomes also felt the strain. They were “put up high” on our dry sink, hoping to keep them safe from the work crews and general disarray. One day, I walked into the living room, actually, it was more like blazing a trail since the entire contents of our downstairs were sequestered in the room, to find Pixie, teetering on an ottoman, which she managed to place on the couch, just to get to the gnomes! Finally, yesterday, the living room was set right, and the gnome home was once again put in place. Pixie and Fairy spent oodles of time arranging and rearranging the house. Finally, Pixie told me that they moved all the furniture out of the kitchen, and it was turned into a ballroom so all the gnomes and their friends could celebrate moving back into their house.

From the sounds coming from the gnome house, I would say they partied well into the night! Welcome back, wee friends!




  1. So sweet. Someday I shall have a house for the gnomes and friends I’m making.

    1. This summer we will be doing a tutorial on making a gnome house. Perfect timing, right?

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