Robin Hood Sweater

Robin Hood Sweater

I love it when I get to craft for Bug. It seems like there are so many different things you can make for girls… headbands and barrettes, skirts and bracelets. Coming up with ideas for boys that actually excites them is a bit more challenging. I mentioned before I bought the awesome book Fairy Tale Knits. I made the Magic Carpet afghan for Meghan’s baby shower. Beautiful. I then had Aidan go through the book and see if there was anything he’d like me to knit for him. He loved 4 of the sweaters for boys, with this Robin Hood Sweater being his favorite. He was so excited when I gave it to him on Thursday. It was 85 degrees outside. He put it on and refused to take it off! I used the the Cascade 220 yarns suggested in the book. Definitely the way to go! It’s wooly wonderfulness is obvious. I’ve already started on the next sweater… a gray wool that resembles chain mail. He’s requested I add a hood that looks like a helmet. I will have to give this some thought! And don’t you think Robin Hood needs a quiver? 



This last photo is titled… “Enough MOM – let me play!”




  1. Incredible! I really have to learn how to knit. If you’re looking for someone to hand this down to when your grandson outgrowns it, I’d be happy to put it away for my 4 year old son 😉

  2. Unbelievably awesome! I can understand the photo frustration. Your kids MUST get sick of having their picture taken all the time. Mine can’t stand it when I take 1 or 2!

    1. They normally don’t mind having their photos taken… actually they often ask me to get my camera. But Bug is the least likely to sit still for long and I was really getting in his way because he couldn’t release his arrows with me standing there. LOL.

      1. I saw that you made this sweater for your son a few years back. How old was he when he was wearing. My 8 year old wants me to make him one and I wonder if it will fit.

        Thanks for any thoughts your have on this .

        1. I made this for Bug with he was 7 years old and I made the largest size, which was an 8. Bug is small for his age, and he did wear it for a couple of years, but if your 8 year old is big for his age, this might not fit. I love this book, but it saddens me that the sizes only go up to 8. I know many teens that would still love this sweater. Also, I remember that I made the hood larger… longer… than it called for.
          If you are good with patterns, and can make changes, which I’m not, I would knit the sweater a bit larger. Hope that helps 🙂 

  3. Beautiful! I finished the same sweater for my son about a month ago, and he loves it! I’m working on Red Riding Hood for my daughter, who is already a proud owner of the Fairy Dress. It truly is a fantastic book.

  4. What a fabulous mama you must be. This is lovely.

  5. Oh, I love it!! Must make one! Sigh, I guess my knitting list will never see an end *lol*

    Angela from Simple Dreams

  6. Fantastic sweater! I think I may have to make one…

  7. I love the jumper. I agree, girls always have a vast choice of beautiful things to make for them. I’m always on the lookout for fun things to craft for my son. Thanks for the book link. Its on my wish list now.

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