Birthday Girl in a Magical Birthday Dress

Birthday Girl in a Magical Birthday Dress

Last week my baby turned 8! This weekend, a wee bit late, we gathered to celebrate with her. We first ate at her favorite restaurant… a Mediterranean place where she loves the hummus, garlic dip, and lamb shawarma. She is an amazing free spirit and was showered with gifts that speak to her. Art supplies, fairy toys, and twirly dresses were all joyful unwrapped. Happy Birthday Pixie Girl!

One thing to note though is the dress. The dress! This amazingly super twirly dress was made by Gammy for Pixie’s third birthday and has been worn by her for almost every birthday celebration since, along with numerous weddings. Gammy combined two different patterns, one for the bodice and one for the twirly skirt in making this dress. But I’m not quite sure how Pixie has pulled off 6 birthday celebrations in the same dress, considering how much she has grown. As you can see below it was a wee bit big the first year but there is something magical about this dress and it just continues to fit. Eventually we will need to re-purpose the dress to keep the tradition alive. I think there is enough fabric there to make a skirt for her tween years. I’ve also thought about turning it into a quilt but Pixie isn’t thrilled with that idea, at least not yet while the dress still fits. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. If scraps weren’t already used for this, you could use some of the dress fabric for a doll or stuffed animal dress/skirt/outfit. It could also be used to make a pillow (possibly a snuglier option than part of a quilt. Sweet dreams helped along with a favorite pillow to snuggle with.

    1. Happy Birthday Pixie 🙂  I would suggest keeping the dress in its original magical existence. xoxo 🙂

  2. What about separating the skirt and bodice and reworking it into a vest and wrap skirt that would be able to adapt to an ever growing Pixie.

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