Rolled Flowers

Rolled Flowers

It always amazes me how very different the same design can look in different colors or using different materials. We are going to share 2 different flowers, both using the same pattern, but because of the differences in materials, one out of cotton calico and on out of wool felt, different techniques are used for assembling them.

The first flower we are sharing is the Rolled Calico Flower. This is a simple flower to throw together, (really, truly, it is!) and can be used for all sorts of embellishments. Sew it directly on a garment, at the waistband or collar. Add a bar pin and you have a brooch. Sew it onto a barrette for a totally lovely look. I’m sure you can come up with many different uses for them. And because this one is made out of cotton fabric, it can be washed, so even your work-a-day clothes can don a bit of bling!

Directions for the Rolled Calico Flower can be found HERE or in our FREE Open Patterns. We will be adding the directions for the Rolled Felt Flower in a couple of days. If you have some ideas of ways to use the rolled flowers, please share! In the meantime… enjoy! 



  1. Oh, so cute. So I’m thinking. I just got this very plain grocery bag/tote thingy from my mom. A little glitz would be nice. Think I’m going to wait for the felt flower. You’ve turned me into a felt freak. I LOVE felt now.

  2. My daughter and her fiance are getting married this fall. This is the 2nd marriage for both of them although they are both in their 20s. She did not have a wedding her first go around, but he did. They’ve themed their wedding “Second time around”. Everything has to be used. The bridesmaids are to have causual dresses and need to shop at 2nd hand shops. Even my daughter is insisting on a used dress and very causual. She doesn’t want flowers but agreed to a, you guessed it, used bouquet. I’ve been looking around for a bouquet, but can’t find anything that I can see my little girl carrying. Do you think if I could convince her to let me make some calico flowers, there would be a way to stick them on stems? Sorry this post is so long, but I really do want to make the day extra special for her.

    1. First off, congratulations to your daughter. I wish her all the best. As far as the bouquet… Yes, these can definitely go on stems… later today or tomorrow I will get some directions on for making the conversion. But I had a thought about the bouquet, too. Since it is a second time around, and she wants everything used, here’s an idea. Make this a real memory bouquet. Ask the people closest to the couple, to donate an old item of clothing, a favorite that is ready to pitch. Then, cut the pattern from the clothes, and make up the flower from that. You can make her a little book, with a scrap of each fabric, including the person’s name that donated the fabric, and maybe a little anecdote about the clothing. i.e. James: This was the shirt I wore the day I proposed to Darlene". Etc. Then, not only is it a "used" bouquet. It will be one with tons of meaning. Just a thought 🙂

      1. My daughter flipped when I showed her your sight and she read your idea. We are doing the clothing thing. She’s going to contact her friends and let them know what I need. This will be so special. I am going to be gone hiking for the next several days and I won’t have computer access. Thanks so much for your kindness and creativity.

    2. Blessings and congrats to them both. I would think your flowers would be great. I would go one step further if you could. If you or your daughter or even her future have any old clothes, blouses, dresses, etc. to make the flowers with.

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