Santa Peg Gnome

Santa Peg Gnome

Bug was so right when he said our gnome house needed a Santa! Here is our version of Santa Gnome, along with his sack of goodies for all wee gnome children! Following our basic Waldorf Style Gnome directions, I created Santa, with a few variations. Since these are super fast to make, you can still find time to throw one together for Christmas morning! The pattern for the Santa Peg Gnome can be found HERE or with our FREE patterns. Enjoy!




  1. Love it! I’m in the middle of making three little wise men ornaments out of your gnome pattern. Hadn’t thought of doing beards, but it might make them look wiser! Thanks for all the great ideas and patterns. I recently made your star as well to be used in a Christmas play.

  2. And I thought I was all done with Christmas gifts! I’ll have to gather up all my supplies this afternoon and make a Santa gnome after the little ones go down tonight. Thank you so much for all your wonderful free patterns. Money is very tight this year, but with the help of your patterns, we are giving our children a wonderful Christmas. Blessing to you.


  3. He is so stinkin cute. Love the beard. Hehe, he’s not egotistical is he? Larger than life banner of himself! All cute cute cute!

    1. Oh…. so cute. Just bopped over to your blog to take a peek. Thanks so much for sharing. We love to see how others use our designs!

  4. would you consider sharing the pattern for your trees? purrrty plzzzz?

    1. You’re in luck! We already have the pattern up for the Felt Tree Forest. It can find the pattern and directions HERE or with our FREE felt patterns 🙂

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