Slumbering Owl Applique Block

Slumbering Owl Applique Block


This weekend I designed our Slumbering Owl Applique Block. He was a hoot to make! (Sorry, that had to be said!) He is a little more complex than some of our other appliques because of the detail in the feathers. It’s a little lost in the photo, but the layering of feathers really gives him a three dimensional look. If you don’t want to invest the time appliquing the feathers on, you can always use the wavy lines used in our Owl Book Mark. Although I made this on a 6" x 6" felt block to use in my "haven’t quite figured out what to do with them yet" project, I have an idea of another way to use our Slumbering Owl Applique, which I’ll share later in the week. Enjoy! Get pattern here. 

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  1. A friend just shared your website and I’m hooked. Your projects are just beautiful. It’s not like I need another craft site but yours has now moved up to the top of my list and I see a long and beautiful friendship! Thanks for all the time you must put into it. I certainly appreciate it. You rock!

  2. All of your projects are wonderful. But I have to say that the owl really made me smile. Love it!

  3. I’m a sucker for anything with owls and this one is so cute. I absolutely love how you put the feathers on. Haven’t seen that before. I promise this is going on something!

  4. I saw this on One Pretty Thing and it is really adorable. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Hi.
    Your appliques are the cutest in the entire world. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas with us for free. You said we could make requests for more appliques.
    I am making a quilt using your applique animals. I’ve decided I’d like to stick to animals with wings – but I need a couple more. I would make one myself but I’m sure yours would be cuter so I’m going to hope you’ll help me out before I finish the ones I’ve started.
    I think I need 3 more. Maybe a ladybug? Or dragonfly or damselfly? Or – what else is there?
    You’ll be the first to know when I finish. I’ll send you a picture or link to my blog or write you a guest post or ANYTHING you want!
    I’m so excited about this project. I wasn’t in love with my quilt until I decided to use your appliques and now I am so in love.

  6. Hi again.
    I just stupidly asked if you’d make more winged animal appliques but I miscounted. I have enough. I missed the firefly and 3 stacked birdies earlier. I’m good. Can’t wait to show you my quilt!

    1. Hope you don’t mind I left your comments on. It is my way of checking in on the blogs of our readers. Besides, I’m holding you to the promise of sharing your quilt when you are done. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  7. Your patterns are adorable.

    My 98 year old mother is making felt animals for homeless children. They are very simple, front and back pieces of felt with some detailing and a little stuffing inside.

    Is it OK if she uses your animal designs, panda, owl, cardinal, etc for these needed toys.

    Thank you.

    1. Absolutely. We do have a Cottage License Agreement for people that want to use our designs to craft items to sell for profit. As long as she is donating her toys, she's welcome to use them. Please let her know that I truly admire her efforts 🙂 

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