Cherries Applique

There is an expression "easy as pie". I don't get that. To me pie making is NOT easy. Trying to get a nice crumbly crust, rolling out a dough just right, then baking the pie so the fruit and crust is done without over baking the outer edge. "Easy as pie"? I think not! On the other hand, there is another expression, "cherry-picking" which means setting yourself up to take the easiest path or to pick the best of something. I understand that expression. Have you ever gone cherry picking? Easy Peasy! After the daunting task of bending over or squatting down to pick strawberries or the slow, laborious task of picking puny raspberries out of pricker bushes, cherry picking is EASY. You stand by a branch laden with cherries and they practically jump into your pail!

Today's applique is as easy to make as cherry-picking :) As always it was designed to fit on a 6" x 6" block but it can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. Enjoy!

The Pattern for the Cherries Applique can be found HERE

The July Appliques can be found HERE.

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Drawing Lesson 8 :: Cool Koalas

After the past chaotic and life changing few weeks, I think I am finally ready to roll up my sleeves and get back to work! I have a lot of catching up to do. For example... we completed this drawing lesson on May 29 and I am finally posting it! Life happens, right? Anyway... as Michelle had mentioned on lesson 7, we were going to do one more lesson then take the summer off. So, here is lesson 8. For all of you that are following along, if you want to wait for us, we will see you in the fall, but if you are plugging ahead, we hope you are having a wonderful time. We'd love to hear how you are doing, too. 

We are continuing our weekly drawing class. We are using Mark Kistler's book, You Can Draw in 30 Days. Instead of completing the book in 30 days, we plan to take 30 weeks, doing a new lesson each week and then spending time during the week practicing what we have learned. Although I am teaching the class, I am also student and learning every bit as...Read more

Learn-to-Knit Afghan Block Seven

Learn-to-knit afghan block seven

This series covers several different knitting stitches using the Learn-to-Knit Afghan book by Barbara Walker. Whether you are a true beginner or an intermediate knitter, you can take your knitting to the next level working through the blocks in this book. About once a week I will be adding one new block to the blog with some of my notes. If you would like to knit along with us please feel free to leave your comments, questions, suggestions, and links to photos in the COMMENT section. You can also add a photo to our Flickr group or tag a Tweet with #WFAlearn2knitIf you are just joining us you might want to start with the introductory post.  


Block Seven: Garter and Rib Pattern

Introductory Post 

Block Six: Twisted and Cross Rib

Block Eight: (coming soon)


Getting Started Knitting

If you are completely new to knitting you can learn the basics of getting starting with our Newbie Knitting series. Once  you have tackled the first...Read more

Strawberry Jam Coloring Page

JAM by Kimara Wise

I like jam on crackers,
I like jam on toast, 
But sweet jam by the spoonful,
Pleases me the most.

I like jam in pudding,
I like jam in tea,
But sweet jam by the spoonful,
Truly pleases me!

Our Strawberry Jam Coloring Page is based on our Strawberry Applique 

The Strawberry Jam Coloring Page can be found HERE.

The Strawberry Applique Block can be found HERE.

The July Applique Collection can be found HERE.

The Coloring Page Gallery can be found HERE

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Homemade Bubble Recipe

If you are following along with our Puddles and Ponds home school unit, or just want to enjoy some classic summer time fun, whip up your own batch of homemade bubbles.


Homemade bubble materials:

  • 2/3 cup Dish Soap
  • 1/3 cup Light Corn Syrup
  • 2 cups Water


Directions for making homemade bubbles:

  • Measure out corn syrup and water into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for a 1-2 minutes, then stir to combine.
  • Let the mixture cool then add the dish soap. For large bubble wands pour mixture into a shallow pan (a 9x13 baking pan works well) or for small wands a  mason jar is a good choice. 
  • Have fun playing with bubbles.
  • When you are done store in a air tight container (again a mason jar works well).


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July Appliques

Happy July!

Oh, when I think of summer I can't help but think of strawberries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, watermelons and an assortment of other tasty fruits. Yum! We eat them right off the bushes, sugared on shortcakes, or swirling in smoothies. It's not surprising that for our summer appliques, fruits receive a starring role. So, okay... apples remind me of autumn, not summer, but I think you'll cut me some slack since I was going for a dramatic red and black look :)

Our collection of FREE applique patterns for July's appliques include a strawberry, cherries, a watermelon slice and an apple. When I look at these I think gingham table clothes and summer picnics.

As always, these appliques were designed to fit on a 6" x 6" block, but they can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. We have already shared a couple of these patterns but will be sharing the other 2 over the next 2 weeks. Also, throughout the month we will be sharing coloring pages inspired by each of the FREE appliques. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do. 

To see all of our FREE...Read more


Welcome to Wee Folk Art

At Wee Folk Art we combine our love of Wee Folk with our love of Folk Art, creating designs that are uniquely Wee Folk Art! We are a mother/daughter team who share mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. Craft along with us or join in our homeschooling adventures!

Thanks for stopping by! To learn more about us at Wee Folk Art, visit our FAQ page.

~ Kimara & Michelle

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