Oil Pastel :: Zentangle Cows

Wisconsin is known for being America's Dairyland and we chose to highlight the cows this week. The kids had fun creating these silly cows and I love how each picture took on its own personality.

Note: Although I am using black marker to draw the cow, I started with a pencil, drawing very lightly. Then, I go back with marker. I am demonstrating with marker because it is easier to see, but begin by drawing with a pencil, then go back and trace with a marker.

Drew a large oval in the middle of your page. It can be slightly higher.

Starting from the oval, draw the head in a bit of a light bulb fashion.

On either side of the head, beginning in the narrow part of the "light bulb", draw arks for the shoulders.

Add the ears.

Now some horns.

Oval eyes with inner circles.

Draw a couple of angled nostrils in the oval.

Spot the face and body as you wish.

Trace your pencil marks with black marker, then erase the pencil lines.

Add patterns in your "spots" and horns.

We use One Zentangle A Day for pattern inspiration.

Adding Zentangle details.

Use Oil Pastels to color the background and accents on the cows.

And there you have it! An oil pastel/zentangle cow. Moooooo!


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Photos 3-6-14

A Mouse in the House

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Mouse House? Believe it or not, I have. Although I'm not particularly partial to sharing my house with mice, I do think they are quite adorable and ponder their little lives.

If I suspect mice have taken up residence in my house, I set live traps and, if caught, I take them out to fields, always making sure to set them free in the same spot, so they can reunite with long lost siblings. In another house, in another lifetime, my house was against a large woods. Every fall, when the winds were laced with the heady scent of autumn, field mice began inspecting local real estate to find the perfect place to winter.

Knowing this, one Fall I had set out a trap, and caught a beautiful brown mouse. I put him in an old aquarium, and reset the trap. Five minutes later, there was another mouse with gray fur. I left the trap out the rest of the day. I figured I'd catch a few more and release them together. While I waited, I couldn't be a rude hostess, so I offered my little mousey friends some food and drink. And I listened to them chat.

The next morning, when I hadn't caught another mouse, I decided I was ready to take these two cuties for a ride to the country. As I looked at the mice, I noticed one was signaling me closer. I pressed my ear against the glass, and I swear I heard him say, "Nice lady, could we possibly stay with you this winter?" When I looked into his beady little eyes, how could I say no? The preschool class I taught would be starting in a couple weeks. Couldn't "George" and "Gracie" become class pets?

But, oh... although I would gladly keep two mice, it's been my experience that at least 50% of the time you wind up with more than 2 mice! That would be a problem. Then I got a brilliant idea! As an aside... it's also been my experience, that many of my brilliant ideas... AREN'T.

I listened as the phone rang.

Her: Good morning. Timberline Veterinary Clinic, may I help you?

Me: Hi there. This is Kimara Wise. I have a question.

Her: Hi, Kimara. What's up?

Me: I just caught 2 field mice and I want to know how much would it cost to have them neutered?

Me: Hello?

Me: Hello?

Me: Excuse me, are you laughing?

Her: I'm sorry. I must not have heard you correctly. Did you ask me how much it would cost to neuter 2 field mice?

Me: Yes. Is there something wrong with that?

Her: Oh, honey, I don't even know where to start!

It was then explained to me that they didn't have equipment small enough to perform surgery on field mice, that the cost would be prohibitive even if they did, and that field mice had a very short life expectancy. I was also told about all the potential diseases field mice could carry.

Her: But, if you like, ((tst)) I could have you ((snicker)) speak to ((giggle)) the vet. ((chortle))

I thanked her for her time, and then explained to the 2 mice, without the snickering and chortling, that I couldn't keep them. So, I threw together a little snack for them for to nosh on later, put them in the car, and took them for a drive.

After that, I've often thought of George and Gracie. Wondered how they faired, where they settled and how many children they had. I wondered if Gracie kept a tidy home and if George was partial to reading the paper after dinner.

And, I tried to ignore the snickers and the back of the hand suppressed giggles that greeted me each time I took my pups to Timberline Veterinary Clinic.

Her: (Whispering to the new intern.) There's the lady that asked us to neuter 2 field mice!

The Cat and Mouse banner can be found HERE.

State Studies Unit 1 :: Week 6 Great Lakes States

This is an outline of our State Studies Unit 1 :: Week 6 Great Lakes States. It is the fifth week of a 9 week homeschool unit. Read the State Studies Unit 1 Overview to learn more about the program and catch up on past weeks.

Public Domain Photo

Read about:
Illinois (IL), Springfield
Wisconsin (WI), Madison
Minnesota (MN), St. Paul
in Our Fifty States and The United States of America.

Map: Add the 3 new states to your United States Study Map. We color Great Lakes States dark green. They are colored coded on the quizzes. Number the states on the map to coincide with your state list (it gets too hard to fit all the state names directly on the map).

Color: Dover Coloring book page for each state. We like to add a couple of extra notes about the state in the margins. These are things that we learned about in our readings. Again we color Great Lakes States dark green.

Community Enrichment Book: The Edmund Fitzgerald: Song of the Bell

Community Life Book: Life in a Commercial City pages 24-end

Activity Page: I am a little bit behind on making these... but I do plan to include Activity Pages for every week with the completed unit. Last week's activity page is now available. Check back later this week for this week's.

Read Aloud: Bud, Not Buddy chapters 9-12

Student Reader (3-4 grade): Lost Star by Patricia Lauber chapters 11-end

Narration: Complete a narration on either Edmund Fitzgerald or your student's daily reading from Lost Star. You can use the Reading Journal or any of the other free Journal Page that you would like. If you need help with learning how to incorporate narrations into your studies, I recommend the book The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease. The Reading Journal includes space for your student to choose several words from his reading that were unfamiliar to him to use as vocabulary words.

Copywork: Use sentences from Edmund Fitzgerald or the Bud, Not Buddy for copywork.

Art Project: Oil Pastel... Zen Tangled Cows

Cooking: Make the recipe from The United States Cookbook: Deep-Dish Pizza

Picture Study: Choose 1 image from Come Look With Me: Art in Early America to study this week (we did "Black Rock, A Two Kettle Chief").

Poem for Memorization: You will have four weeks to memorize "The Pasture" by Robert Frost. Remember to review "The Sandpiper."

State Quarters: Another fun activity to add to this unit is collecting Quarters from all 50 states. You can display them in a quarter map.

Quiz: Study the 3 states and capitals you have learned throughout the week. Your student should be able to identify each state on the map, along with its capital and postal abbreviation. You can use your map or flashcards to study.
Week 6 Map Quiz

If you are following along with us and completing the State Studies activities at home we would love to hear about your adventures. You can leave a comment here with a link to your blog. If you don't have a blog or just want to share more photos we would like invite you to join our Wee Folk Art Homeschool Flickr group. Have fun!


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Postcards :: Spring Break 2014




Britta's Make-Over

Britta and I were chatting the other day, and she said she was ready for a make-over. We had tons of fun deciding on a new style, and then we both got busy stitching away. I think she looks lovely! Next week she'll model for many more photos and I'll include a tutorial. Just thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek! 


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