A Splash of Color That Sets My Head Reeling!

A Splash of Color That Sets My Head Reeling!


I am a sucker for color. Although my favorite or “comfort color” changes like a kaleidoscope, I always surround myself with color… no beiges or whites for me! Since last winter, I’ve embraced a brighter colorway than usual. I have been accenting my spring green and golden walls with reds and oranges. It really has stirred up my creative juices. It’s hard to be passive when your house is alert and energetic. So, it wasn’t surprising to Michelle, when she came over the other day, and saw 1 new placemat and 2 new napkins, and ask, “What are you doing with those?” and I replied, “I have no clue, but aren’t the colors spectacular?”

Of course, she agreed. And after just a few sips of coffee, and about 2 minutes of discussion, we had come up with a whole list of things I could do with the placemat and napkins. As a matter of fact, I went back to Pier One the next day, and bought several more of each. We are extremely busy right now, with the holidays coming up and working on our shop, so my one stipulation was that any project I made had to be fast and easy 🙂 I will be sharing a few of the projects with you over the next couple of weeks, but for now, I just want to share the explosion of color. Inspiring, right?




  1. I bought the same placemats and napkins at Pier One. Uncreative me was just going to use them on the table. Looking forward to seeing what crafty stuff you come up with. I agree. The colors are beautiful!

  2. Yep, stunning. I love bright colors so much & the inside of my house is painted in them. It’s going to be hard going should we ever decide to sell – this riot of colors will have to be tamed! Can hardly wait to see what you do – I have a couple of placemats waiting for a project.

  3. Oooooh, me like a lot! It looks like I’m overdue for a trip to Pier One.

  4. Bright colours are so inspiring! I love neutrals as well so the house changes frequently depending on the season or my mood! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Creative you!
    ~ joey ~

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