Spring Bouquet Tutorial

Spring Bouquet Tutorial

If you would like to give someone special a bouquet of flowers this Spring that will last forever, considering making a bunch of these flowers in a array of beautiful colors. Whether you make a single flower or 2 dozen, they are sure to please. But remember… make some for yourself… we all deserve to give ourselves flowers every once in a while 🙂


For single flower:
2″ x 28″ piece of felt for each flower
Green felt for leaf
3/4″ x 40″ piece of calico for stem, ripped
2 copies of pattern
bead with large hole
4 12″ long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

For 18 flowers:
1/3 yard EACH of 3 colors of felt
12″ X 18″ Pea Soup for Leaves 
8 skeins of floss to match the selected felts (2 skeins of each color)
1/2 yard of green calico for stems
18 beads with large hole
72 12″ long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

Preparing pattern pieces:
The pattern piece for the flower will require taping together 3 pieces. Make 2 copies of the pattern. Cut out the 2 end pieces. Cut out 1 center piece.  Tape the 2 end pieces to the center piece, matching the 3 inch sides. You should now have 1 long piece, measuring 3″ x 25″, with both ends pointy.

Cut the leaf out of the 2nd center piece adding a tab 5/8″ x 1″. You only need to cut 1 leaf per flower. (Pattern says 2)

Preparing stem:
Using the Ripe and Tear method described HERE, for each flower ripe a strip of fabric 3/4″ x 40″ from the green woven fabric. Also, cut one square 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ for each flower.

Place a bead on the end of 4 pipe cleaners, and bend the pipe cleaner about 1″ down. Twist the end of the pipe cleaners around the long piece of pipe cleaner so the bead is secured. Slightly twist the rest of the length of the pipe cleaners together.

Lay the pipe cleaner on the backside of the square of fabric with the bead in the center.

Wrap the fabric around the bead. Using 2 strands of matching floss, wrap the thread firmly around the bead 2 or 3 times, then tack in place. Holding the remainder of the fabric against the pipe cleaner, tightly wrap the fabric against the pipe cleaner in a spiral fashion. Tack at the bottom of the fabric.

Preparing petal:
Cut out pieces.

Using a running stitch and 3 strands of contrasting floss, blanket stitch the flat edge of the flower.

Mark a 1/4″ seam allowance along the curved edge of the flower using a fading or washable marker.

Using 2 strands of floss, sew a close running stitch along the 1/4″ line. Leave a long tail.Sew a 2nd running stitch an 1/8″ below the first line of stitching. (It will be between the line of stitching and the raw edge.) Leave a long tail.

Holding both tails, gather the flower until it measures 8” – 9″. Secure the end so the gathering does not come loose.

Preparing leaf:
Using a running stitch and 2 strands of matching floss, sew around the stem and leaf, gathering SLIGHTLY.

Using a running stitch and 2 strands of matching floss, sew a stem down the middle of the leaf, gathering SLIGHTLY. Note: You just want to give slight contours to the leaf.

Begin rolling the flower around the bead, tacking it with matching thread every 1/2″. As you roll and tack, slightly angle the rolled flower down the stem. Continue until the flower piece is completely wrapped around the bead. Secure thread. NOTE: The angling should be slight. Before tacking the petal, practice rolling the flower around the stem, until you find the desired look. Think of a rose.

Wrap the green strip around the base of the flower. Make sure the top of the strip covers the gathering line. Stitch around the flower every 1/4″ – 1/2″. After the first round is complete, angle the strip so it overlaps the strip above it by half.

After you have gone around the stem a second time, add your leaf. To do this, lay the leaf against the flower, and pin the leaf tab against the pipe cleaners.

Continue wrapping the stem, catching the leaf tab as you go.

Tack about every 1/2″, going through the pipe cleaner on an angle downward. At the end, leave a 1″ tail that you wrap around the bottom edge and tack in place.




  1. so gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing…. i want to make a million for the passover centerpiece…

    thanks again!

    1. We’d love to see your completed bouquet. Make sure to share a photo 🙂

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