Tour of the Spring Gnome Home

Tour of the Spring Gnome Home

The gnome home is finally all decked out for Spring and our wee ones have been busy on adventures with our friends that dwell there. We thought we’d take you on a tour, floor by floor. (BTW… we are in the process making several ladders and an elevator to make getting around in the house easier 🙂

After cleaning and polishing all the wood, and tucking in roving for foliage, (see HERE) we lay down the rugs.

Crocheted Rag Rug

Spring Rag Rug

Flower Fairy Carpet


Next, using florist tape, we secure flowers to the branches.

Level 5: Sleeping Under the Stars Deck

Spring Sleeping Bags

Felt Flower Garland

Level 4: Dining Al Fresco

Waldorf Style Gnomes

Honey Pot

Level 3: Family’s Co-Sleeping Chamber

Little Wooden Birdies

Gnome City Bed and Bedding

Level 2: Family Living Area and Kitchen

Larder Sacks

Gnome and Fairy Books

Flower Fairies


Felt Poppies

Level 1: Community Gathering Area

Wooden Pine Forest


Wooden Mushrooms




  1. How fun! I want to make one when I get some grandchildren.

  2. Can I come live in your Gnome home…. i just love it. Think it may be time for some Spring cleaning and decorating in ours!

  3. This is great! I am totally inspired to decorate our gnome home now. Thank you!

  4. This is so amazing! Love it and I can’t stop thinking of how much I would have loved playing with this when I was a little girl, better than any doll house.

  5. thank you for this Kimara! we have that very same gnome home in my preschool and i haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to dress it up and make it more special, but you’ve inspired me to want to make special rugs and tapestries. i want to move into the one you’ve made though! 🙂 xx

  6. this is great !!!!!! lucky gnomes.
    Greetings Nonnelien from holland

  7. Just signed up on facebook that I like your site!!

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