Spring Break

Spring Break

I have a few announcements to make. First, please welcome our new sponsors The Felt Pod and Armadillo Dreams. Stop by and check them out. We are planning something special with each of them in the upcoming weeks… stay tuned.

Second, It is spring break time for us. Kimara and I will be taking a bit of time off from the blog as we enjoy some out of town company, get some spring cleaning done, and finish up a few odds and ends to get the store ready. We will be back after Easter, hopefully refreshed and ready to embark on a new phase in Wee Folk Art… aka the Market Place. In the meantime I’ve collected some of our Spring Projects to keep you busy.

Third, we will probably be turning our comments to moderate after today. It is hard enough to keep up with the spam while we are vigilantly online… impossible on vacation. Please keep posting, asking questions, etc… just know that your comments may not show immediately while we our on vacation.

See ya soon!


Spring in the Thicket
Projects for Your Gnome Home

Flower Fairies

Flower Garland for Gnome House

Flower Fairy Carpet

Spring Sleeping Bags

Peg Flowers





More Spring Time Toys

Walking Bunnies

Lily Pads and Water Lilies

Wooden Frog


Felt and Wood Reeds

Cashmere Frog



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Where is the pattern for your ducks?

  2. Have a nice break ladies, even if you’ll be working 🙁 We are heading to western flordia to stay with a college roommate that I haven’t seen in forever. Happy Easter!

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