Michelle and I will be off for several days as we head to the Thousand Islands Region of Alexandria Bay, New York. My son Adam, and his lovely fiancee, Raewyn, are getting married! YAY! Just like Adam and Raewyn, their wedding plans are truly unique, and we are looking forward to several days in a beautiful part ofRead More →

I have a few announcements to make. First, please welcome our new sponsors The Felt Pod and Armadillo Dreams. Stop by and check them out. We are planning something special with each of them in the upcoming weeks… stay tuned. Second, It is spring break time for us. Kimara and I will beRead More →

My mom shared some pictures of her latest trip to visit the Little Lady so I needed to share some of ours. We went in the other direction. We just got back from our annual trip to Vermont (here are last year’s pics). This is something we’ve been doing sinceRead More →

The last of our children headed for home today, leaving Tim and I alone for the first time in almost 2 weeks. What a wonderful time we all had. And with the exception of a couple of broken glass Christmas ornaments, resulting from Bug’s new bow and arrows, the houseRead More →

It’s summer. Ever since I was a child summer equalled excessive reading! My tastes in reading ran the gamut of literary genres, BUT the one commonality amongst all my summer books I read was my ability to chose them for myself. These were not books selected by my teachers, although I often readRead More →

Beginning tomorrow I will be “off” for the next 2 weeks. Tim is on vacation and we are excited about spending the next couple of weeks AT HOME. Now, this may not be exotic, but we are so looking forward to it. We are locking up the cell phones (mostly)Read More →