State Studies

State Studies

One of the amazing things about homeschooling is the ability to reassess your process, your progress, and your goals at any time. You have the chance to make changes to your day or curriculum as needed. This is one of the gifts of homeschooling, at the same time though, it is one of the curses of homeschooling. You can find yourself mid-way through a program that you had carefully selected and purchased throwing in the towel. Over the years (I can’t believe how many year now… gosh these kiddos are getting big), I have had several of these “AHHHH… this isn’t working!” moments. But this time, it is to your benefit.

For those of you who have enjoyed our Homeschool Companion Guides, I’m happy to announce that a new guide is in the works. The history program that my girls were using this fall was an abysmal failure. We plugged away at it just to get through the holidays, but this semester we complete changed gears and I am writing a States Studies unit. We are back to reading wonderful books, coloring, and baking together. My girls are learning the states and their capitals as well as getting a glimpse of regional jobs, past times, landscapes, and cultures.

I am breaking up our State Studies into two 9 week units with a target age of 8-10 years old. Although I’m writing it to be completed in half a year, I believe that there will be more than enough included that it could easily be stretched out to be used over a full year. I hope to have the first one ready to share sometime in the next couple of weeks. I will be sharing more details as we go along. Be on the look out for it.

Please note: I haven’t finalized the book list yet… so the books in the photos are just some of the books that I am perusing. Don’t start shopping yet ;).

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