Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Just a quick peek at something new we are going to be doing here at Wee Folk Art. When we give gifts, not only do we want our gifts to be lovely, we want our presentation to be just as charming. So, we plan to start sharing Gift Boxes. These will be  collections of our crafts, thematically brought together, and packaged for gift giving. Most of them will be a combination of past crafts with a couple of new crafting projects thrown in. We thought it would be a fun way to repurpose some of our past crafting and to share ideas for your personal gift giving. Some of the Gift Boxes Themes you might see over the coming year will be Baby Showers, Father’s and Mother’s Day Collections, Girl and Boy Birthday Gifts, Bridal Showers, Teacher Gifts, etc. We think this is going to be great fun! We’ll be sharing our Winter Blues Buster Gift Box (pictured here) in the next few days. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for many people on your Christmas list. If you have any ideas for Gift Box themes you’d like to see over the next few months, just make a suggestion. We LOVE suggestions!  



  1. WOW! You are right. I can think of several people I could give this too. The box is perfect for this gift. Did you cover it with wrapping paper or buy it that way? As a theme suggestion what about something for READERS. I can imagine a book with bookmarks and who knows what else you can come up with?

    1. I saw a site, can’t tell you where it was now, but they made those elastic bookmarks that retail for around $12! They were adorable and outrageously cheap to make, yet looked as good or better than the retail counterparts.

      What about for a reader present making personalized (by adding charms of things of their hobbies, initials, maybe a small picture of them) elastic bookmarks and name plates for their books. You could make those with unlined notecards and decorate with pens or rubberstamps. Is this strictly a homemade gift? If not, you could make a small gift card case like the tea wallet, and put a gift card to a bookstore in it.

      Just suggestions. 😉

      1. Super suggestions Allie and Alisha! I like the idea of a Reader’s Gift Box. I many friends, young and old, that would appreciate it.

  2. People don’t take pride in their gift giving too much these days. I love your crafts and packaging them up all nice and pretty is a great idea.

  3. I just love your site!! I work with wool and wool felt alot and love all your projects!!

  4. Gift boxes are always very impressive and personalized. There’s nothing more thoughtful than compiling little gifts and packaging them in a style that truly suits the recipient.
    I’ll think of some ideas to contribute to your upcoming posts.

    P.S. Hope your ETSY item has arrived by now.

  5. This is so cute. What about a teenage girl gift box? Not for Christmas but I have a slew of teenage girls throughout the year that I give gifts to. I don’t spend a lot of money, but if I could make a few things that would be great. Thanks!

    1. I can think of several things in our patterns that could be tweaked to be perfect for teenagers. Add a couple more things and we’d be set. I’ll put this on the list to look at after the first of the year. Thanks for the suggestion.

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