Sunburst Tea Cozy

Sunburst Tea Cozy


When it comes to drinking hot beverages, I’m the equivalent of being ambidextrous… I’m just as comfortable and content drinking coffee or tea. Of course, they both have their place. First thing in the morning… give me coffee and keep it coming. Confession time… sometimes my last thought before I go to sleep at night is, “Oh boy! I can have a cup of coffee in just 7 1/2 hours!” True story! I might have a problem.

But after my third morning cup of coffee, I’m usually done with it for the day. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I want tea. And not only do I want tea, I want the WHOLE tea experience. I love putting the kettle on. While the water is heating up, I pour very hot tap water into my teapot to get it warm. I then get out my tea diffuser, a miniature replica of the Tardis, thank you very much Timothy, and spoon in an every changing blend of loose tea from Adiago. When my kettle begins to whistle… which I find to be a very reassuring sound… I empty the tap water, drop my diffuser in the water, making sure to tuck the chain’s end into the spout, and pour the hot water into the pot. Now it’s time for the tea cozy, which I set on the pot, I set my timer, and go about putting together my tea tray.

On the tray is one of my many tea cups, a lovely jar of vanilla sugar from my daughter-in-law Raewyn, a little spoon and a cloth napkin. I put away my tea canister, wipe down the counter, and then beep, off goes the timer. I take the diffuser out, allowing all the water to drain out of it, the put the cozy back on the teapot, and carry the tray to a quite spot, and pour myself a cup of tea. Euphoria!

Some people may think that that is a lot of work to go through to get a cup of hot beverage, and to them I say, “Exactly!” Despite the fact that I love the taste of tea, and I find a cup of tea to be ever so soothing, I love the fact that it slows me down. When I go through my tea ritual, I am totally engrossed in the moment, chasing all other thoughts out of my head. There are no problems, there are no unfinished projects… it’s just me, in the kitchen, creating the perfect pot of tea. If I falter at all, if allow myself to get distracted by the business of the day, I might over steep the tea. That. is. not. acceptable! I need this little self-indulgence. I need to unwind. The rest of the day is always better if take a break and unhurry my afternoon.

My daughter-in-law Meghan knows I love my afternoon tea. Last week, I received a package in the mail. When I opened it, I saw this:



Isn’t that beautiful? Pretty rainbow fabric and I love the ripped ribbon. When I unwrapped it, this is what I found! A cozy, a beautiful new tea cozy!



And look inside! I’m so loving the fish. The whole thing is adorable. Meghan found me a perfect tea cozy!



So, I text Meghan.

Me: I love the tea cozy. It’s perfect. Thank you.

Tim: She called me a couple of weeks ago asking for birthday suggestions. She asked if you might like a new tea cozy. I told her you would love one from her. So, she had me measure your teapot.



Tim: She wanted to make sure she made it to fit your pot.



At this point, I start tearing up. OMGoodness, she made it for me! I had thought she bought me the perfect gift, but no, she made me the perfect gift. Is there an adjective better than perfect? Anyway, Meghan has just started sewing this year, and not only did she make this for me, I found out she designed it herself. Impressive, sweetie, very impressive!



So now, every time I go through making myself a pot of tea, it’s as if Meghan is in the room with me. It’s nice having afternoon tea with Meghan!


Photos 4-28-14



  1. I adore you new look! Sorry I didn’t say so sooner. Love the tea cozy. Can’t believe your DIL is new to sewing and created this pattern. She had hidden talent!

    1. Thanks. I’m really loving the new look, too. So much easier to use. The tea cozy makes me smile every time I look at it. She’s only been sewing for a year, and I’m extremely impressed, AND reaping the benefits 🙂

  2. I love your colorful tea cozy! She did a great job on it, and how sweet of her to custom fit it to your pot. So thoughtful of her.

    1. I know it is so adorable. I’m a bit jealous. I think I need to make one for myself.

  3. Your tea cozy looks so good!
    I’d like to own one. That will help me keep my tea hot for long time and give my tea pot the great look!

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